“Fit Grandma” Says Eating 150 Eggs a Month is Her Secret to Staying Healthy


One of the foods about which a lot of people are unsure is eggs.

Are they as healthy as some claim, or is their cholesterol level too high?


There are many people that swear by eggs as a staple in their diet, regardless of whether they are beneficial for your particular diet or not.

After disclosing details on her own diet, which includes eating up to 150 eggs each month, one woman recently found herself in the national limelight.

Her position as a fitness celebrity allows her to share information about her food and lifestyle choices.


She is a celebrity now that she is in her fifties.

Andrea Sunshine, 52, uses her special diet to maintain her six-pack abs.


The woman, who is half Brazilian and half Dutch, claims to follow a strict training regimen, adding that eating a lot of veggies and eggs has been a vital element.

She eats six to eight meals throughout the day and consumes roughly 3,500 calories daily.


Broccoli, green beans, baby corn, egg whites, cauliflower, yams, cabbage, and spinach are among her favorite treats.


She claims to stay away from sweeter veggies like pumpkin and carrot.

Additionally, she drinks up to four liters of water every day.

I dislike the spotlight.

Andrea claimed that despite her muscular build, she still attracts a lot of male attention, which she doesn’t always enjoy.

She claimed that she was frequently approached because “young males have a crush on good-looking senior ladies.” “I dislike the spotlight.

I detest being interrupted while I’m working.

She claims that she keeps up her lifestyle as proof that older women can preserve their health and take excellent care of their homes and families while still taking care of themselves.

“There is a stigma that women should only devote themselves to caring for the home and family as they get older. According to FitnessVolt.com, she claimed that it was possible to accomplish both.

Source: healthylifeboxx.com


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