Couple Who Were Married for 73 Years Dies Within Hours of Each Other | It Was Love at First Sight for Them

A 73-year-old married couple passed away just hours apart. They kept their promise to stick by each other through life and death.

Before she passed away on July 20, Wanda Wold had been battling Alzheimer’s disease for years. “They called from the nursing home about 4 a.m. and said Mom had departed,” her daughter Candy Engstler told KCCI.

Jim Wold, 94, and Wanda, 96, had been wed for 73 years. Jim prayed to utter these words while Engstler and her sister were at the nursing home with their father, who shared a room with his wife “I’m grateful to Jesus. I appreciate you taking her, but could you also take me right away?” Engstler replied.

Engstler received another call from the nursing home a few hours later with the devastating news that her father had passed away. “I received the call that he had also passed around 7 o’clock.” He was sick physically.

Engstler remembers her parents with some affection. She recalled that when her father joined the Navy at the age of 17, he lied about his age. He had previously given false information about his age. Their daughter alleged: “My mother was 96, which bothered her. Dad lied about his age, and she felt as though she had robbed the cradle.”

She also released a clip from their 70th wedding anniversary in which someone inquires about whether or not they both fell in love at first sight. In a film celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary, Jim said, “For the most part, I believe it was for me. She is unknown to me.” You know it was, Wanda retorted. He adds, “I know it was.

She stated: “He letting them both leave on the same day was fortunate for them. It was a blessing since my dad wouldn’t have wanted to be here without her.” Although she acknowledges that it was sad to lose both of her parents on the same day, she takes comfort in the fact that her parents’ union was built on devotion to one another and to God.

“I just had the impression that the Lord summoned them at just the right time and in a lovely way. I simply hold on to that as a result.”

Upon their passing, Dan Engstler, their grandson, posted a memorial to them on Facebook. He noted: “Ages of JamesWanda Wold: 94 and 96. 73 years of marital bliss. When He called them both to heaven 15 hours apart, God was up to something. Grandma and Grandpa, rest in peace!”


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