Identical Sister Born In 2010, Have Grown Up To Become Most Beautiful Twins In The World


The twin girls were born in 2010 and were given the names Ava Marie and Leah Rose by Jaqi and her husband Kevin Clements. The young girls have grown to be unbelievably beautiful as they have matured, drawing admiration from all across the world.
With the assistance of their mother, they eventually developed into the professional models as they grew older. Let’s look through these images to discover more about their unique childhood.

Jaqi Clements received an unexpected visit from her brand-new twin girls on July 7, 2010. The family’s lives underwent a significant shift when the twins arrived four and a half weeks early.


Families and visitors quickly became aware of the twins’ unusual appearances. They were particularly lovely because of their smooth skin, unusually silky hair, and perfectly symmetrical faces. They received plenty of accolades as a result.

Everyone agreed that these girls should be models because they are lovely, gorgeous, and completely unique. As a result, their mother made the decision to attempt to launch the girls’ modeling careers.

Jaqi listened to advice and assisted the twins in signing up with a Los Angeles modeling agency so they could begin their modeling careers. She was already responsible for her son, who was two years old. She found it challenging to leave the house most days, but she knew now wasn’t the time. So, their initial effort was unsuccessful after three months.


Even while the idea of encouraging the girls to pursue modeling was appealing, Jaqi thought it might be premature. She made the decision to instead raise the twins in a normal environment with their family and peers. However, it would not turn out to be the end of it.

Jaqi almost didn’t have time to think about modeling because of her busy schedule taking care of three kids, but after their three-month modeling gig, the twins weren’t ready to let it go. Jaqi changed her mind after seeing the twins’ performances, and she finally made sure that Ava and Leah had a say.


How can you really know the kids’ opinions when they’re still toddlers is the question. They are unable to independently decide or even express their opinions. The children’s only language was weeping. Jaqi and her husband consequently made the decision to hold off until the twins were old enough to make their own decisions.

Jaqi claimed that seven was a lucky number for her, because 7/7 is the exact day for females’ birthdays. She consequently reasoned that when females were seven years old, it would be an appropriate time.


“I offered my concept to the girls that, if they were up for it, in addition to their dance courses and swim team practices they had every week, they could give modeling a try,” Jaqi remarked on Ava’s and Leah’s birthdays.

Identify the females’ reactions to Jaqi’s statements. As soon as she suggested it, they started bouncing around and couldn’t wait to get started. The twins had no qualms about modeling.

Fortunately, Jaqi’s neighbor was looking for some models to help promote her newly established children’s boutique. The twins’ modeling career has since begun again thanks to this wonderful opportunity.


The girls were little at the time. It may be harmful to their growth to force them wear a ton of makeup and a variety of nice clothes. Jaqi tried to slow down the situation by taking matters into her own hands. She applied basic cosmetics to the kids and then snapped her own photos.

The girls enjoyed their modeling work, but that doesn’t mean they were immediately adept at it. Many things require time. Additionally, they argued and fought, which unavoidably affected the shot.

As time passed, the entire family became fully invested in the modeling industry, and they returned to sign the girls up with an agent. After it had been six years since the initial effort, Jaqi was concerned that it would be impossible to locate one. However, to her amazement, this process went incredibly well, and they ultimately signed with two agencies.

In July 2017, Jaqi created the girls’ @clementstwins Instagram account, which has now gained thousands of followers despite its primary purpose of acting as a portfolio for agencies and building a following.

Jaqi entered the firm with no prior experience. As time went on, she gained more knowledge of the industry and witnessed both its highs and lows. The most crucial lesson she’s learned, according to her, is to “make sure you know who you are becoming associated with before allowing someone to guide you.”

Before working with someone or conducting extensive research to get the appropriate advice, Jaqi advises that you should listen to your heart, ask yourself, and follow your intuition. Long-term benefits will come from moving in the appropriate route, which also requires your careful thinking.

The girls were described as always appearing dejected by some users, who even interpreted this to suggest that they were being forced to pose and weren’t having fun. Jaqi retorted that some photo shootings were meant to be more melancholy than others and that the modeling job was anything but depressing.

The twins are still young girls, despite spending a lot of time modeling. They enjoy making music playlists for the drive, making jokes during photo shoots, and even annoying one other.

The twins have made plenty of acquaintances and gotten to know lots of girls in the modeling business. After only ten minutes of an audition, they made a new “friend” and asked their mother whether this new person might be their relative.

Given their young age, the girls may yet have a long way to go. We all hope they have happy childhoods and prosperous futures.



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