Pierce Brosnan Still Dances with Wife of 21 Years — He Was ‘Meant to Find’ Her after Being Single Dad for Decade


Pierce Brosnan’s second wife, Keely Shaye Smith, helped him find love once more after spending years as a single parent. The couple has nurtured a lovely family and experienced marital bliss over the past two decades.

When Pierce Brosnan’s wife, Cassandra Harris, passed away from cancer in 1991, his children were left to deal with the loss of their cherished mother.


Sean, a boy they welcomed in September 1983, and Harris’ two children, Charlotte and Chris, from a previous relationship made up the couple’s lovely family before death called.

In the four years leading up to Harris’ passing, the family went through some of its hardest times. Notably, until four years after the birth of their only child together, Sean, did Brosnan’s first wife receive her cancer diagnosis in 1987.

The actor supported his wife for many years, aiming to aid her in her battle against the aggressive form of ovarian cancer.


He went with her to different hospital check-ups and doctor appointments. Brosnan appreciated the Canadian actress for taking control of her life by assessing her treatment alternatives before deciding on one.

Without success, Harris adopted macrobiotics and holistic medicine for a year and a half, underwent eight operations, and received chemotherapy.


He claimed that each session left his then-wife in excruciating pain, but Brosnan was constantly available to play doctor during the recovery period. Harris ultimately died away on December 28, 1991, surrounded by her lovely family, despite her best efforts.

Even though the actor was deeply affected, he was aware that his children, particularly his stepchildren, who had to deal with the death of their biological father five years earlier, had it worse.


In the end, the actor adopted his stepchildren, who were by this time teenagers, and spent the following ten years of his life parenting the children alone. A grieving Brosnan vowed never to remarry in order to better fulfill his duty to his children.

For the actor, who up until that point had Harris on hand to handle his business, kids, and personal life, becoming a single parent was challenging. The death of the family matriarch only strengthened their bond as he remained committed to being the greatest father he could be for the children.

Despite his intense sorrow at the loss, Brosnan understood the first step to moving forward and ensuring the safety of his children was to be strong for them. Thus, he fulfilled that duty for Christopher, Charlotte, and Sean while continuing to pursue his acting profession.

It’s noteworthy that Brosnan’s efforts to remain composed never stopped him from expressing his feelings. On the other hand, he allowed them to watch him cry, showed them his suffering and loneliness, and always prompted them to express their sorrow and suffering.

The family eventually settled into a routine that worked for everyone, and gradually, happiness and laughter started to fill their house once more.

After years of maintaining his vow to never get married again as a working single father, Pierce Brosnan discovered love again in journalist Keely Shaye Smith. Three years after Harris’ passing, the two reconnected at a party in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Smith, a TV reporter at the time, arrived at the event expecting to speak with famed actor Ted Danson, but she instead ran upon her future husband.

Before Smith entered the picture and entirely changed and renewed his life, Brosnan must admit that he never anticipated to fall in love again. The journalist stood by his side as a strong support throughout his grieving years, ready to assist him in getting through.


Her warm presence helped Brosnan’s broken heart to mend. The 69-year-old is convinced that Smith’s appearance in his life at the time it did wasn’t a coincidence but rather the result of predetermined supernatural intervention. He disclosed:

“We were supposed to cross paths. Everyday I give God praise for her.”

Eventually, the two began dating because they could not get enough of one another. They complement each other so well that over the years they practically became one. Their romance continues to be the stuff that fairy tales are made of.

Brosnan acknowledges that, despite his enormous success as an actor and a producer of movies, he is happiest at home with Smith. The couple, who have been together for more than 20 years, welcomed Dylan and Paris, making their blended family of seven.

In a spectacular wedding celebration that included fireworks, a seven-tier cake, and an ice sculpture of Rodin’s The Kiss, Kelly Shaye Smith and Pierce Brosnan exchanged vows in 2001.

Ashford Castle hosted the wedding breakfast, and Smith looked stunning in her stunning gown. The ceremony was attended by about 100 people, and media outlets were barred under heavy security.

For the couple, who had to postpone their wedding at least twice due to family issues, the secret ceremony meant the world.

The first happened when floods in California trapped Smith and their then-4-year-old inside their home. Then, Brosnan’s kid was involved in a vehicle accident and suffered a spinal injury, which made the couple postpone their engagement once more.

Brosnan’s children were happy to see their father finally chase his happiness when they made it down the aisle safely. Charlotte thought:

“It was incredible to witness these two people’s utmost love for one another. I’m glad that my dad was able to locate it once more.”

Pierce Brosnan and Kelly Smith are still together more than twenty-one years later. The actor’s affection for his second wife has grown with time.

The couple has worked hard to maintain their romantic relationship, continuing to be the inseparable, in love couple they were at the beginning of their partnership.

In order to make every day of their life ideal, the “James Bond” actor made it a point to start and end each day with Keely. In order to maintain the flame, they also take trips, especially now that their children are all adults and have established their own identities.

Since welcoming three grandkids, including two from Charlotte, who passed away in 2013 after a fight with ovarian cancer, the pair is now even more delighted by their relationship.

In August 2022, the devoted grandparents celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary, and Brosnan shared a picture from their nuptials. He admitted they spent their anniversary dancing, much like they did on the night of their wedding, and referred to Smith as the love of his life in the caption.

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