“I Am Perfect The Way I Am,” Selena Gomez Embraces Her Body Shape And Decides To Not Glorify Beauty Standards


Anyone who has used social media can attest to the fact that many women and girls are being pressured to meet unattainable ideals of beauty by these widely used online platforms. Just take a look at the types of social media photographs that people enjoy online.

Numerous faultless images that demonstrate how having perfect skin and trim physique constitutes perfect beauty have undergone substantial editing.


Selena Gomez is aware firsthand that celebrities as well as regular ladies are impacted by the pressure. Many famous people experience insecurities due to their failure to have the ideal body.

Selena Gomez is familiar with the feelings associated with falling short of ideal beauty standards. Fortunately, she was able to overcome these obstacles and accept her physical appearance.

Selena Gomez claims that the criticism she has received for her appearance dates back to the cover of her album Revival. She received a lot of criticism for her appearance.


She needed treatment for the sake of her mental health because things had become so horrible.

Later, she talked about her challenges with kidney transplantation and lupus. Her health and weight were impacted by both of these issues.


The well-known singer acknowledged that she had a lot of weight swings in an interview with Cosmopolitan for the promotion of her cosmetics line, Rare Beauty.

She added that when she was younger, her skin had grown quite thick.

"i Am Perfect The Way I Am," Selena Gomez Embraces Her Body Shape And Decides To Not Glorify Beauty Standards

Selena Gomez communicates with people more now that she is more “present.” Nevertheless, after years of hardship, she made the decision to disappear in 2017.

She highlighted the risks of social media and how terrible things can get during an interview in 2019. Selena says she feels “happier” and “more present” since making the decision to stop using social media.

On Good Morning America, she discussed social media’s advantages once more as well as how it has improved her life.

Selena Gomez acknowledged her love of fast food in a TikTok video. She would order tacos, egg rolls, onion rings, and spicy chicken sandwiches from Jack in the Box while enjoying her slim figure.

She stated: “I don’t care about my weight” in the video. I am great the way I am, she added.

Selena has urged her followers to put their lives first by being open and deliberate about the content they expose themselves to online. The singer warns her followers to stay away from unrealistic social media image standards.

She believes that showing vulnerability should be viewed as a virtue rather than a sign of weakness.

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