Boy in Critical Condition after Being Hit in a Crosswalk on His Way to School: ‘We Are Trusting God’

The lovely family of Angela and Matt Veith resided in Wichita, Kansas. They had six beautiful children who were the center of their world as parents. The Veith family never had a dull day and they made the most of every opportunity. The pair lived a picture-perfect existence and never missed an opportunity to appreciate … Read more

Man Marries Woman Who Gets Paralyzed Just a Month before Their Wedding, Proves True Love Exists

A bizarre accident at her own bachelorette party left a soon-to-be bride paralyzed. What was supposed to be a harmless joke ended up altering her life’s trajectory forever. That wasn’t how it was intended to go. The guy of Rachelle Friedman’s fantasies, her first boyfriend, was about to become her husband. After dating for five … Read more