Woman Gets Slammed for Offering Parents a Manicure for Their Babies


The world was going about its business until a woman shocked internet users by posting a series of images showing a mother holding a baby’s manicured hand. It’s a universal truth that baby pictures are supposed to be charming, yet these ended up creating devastation on one mom.

After advertising for a baby manicure, she was dragged to high heaven and blasted online. Parents and astonished internet users all over the world were shocked to discover the baby’s sharp stiletto nails, which elicited an outraged response.



Nelliamo Maphanga – Koeberger, a Facebook user, marketed an inexpensive baby manicure service on March 25, 2021. She promoted the ad by posting photographs of a mother holding a baby’s hand, which featured the baby’s bizarre, long nails.

“I’m calling child services because I can’t image arming my daughter with claws.”
The infant girl’s manicured nails included a variety of long, pointed claw-like talons, according to the post. People who viewed the post were understandably outraged.


“I can take care of your children’s nails. Please send me a DM for more information. Low prices, “Koeberger has captioned the picture. Her talon-like baby manicure idea was quickly tarnished, with people swarming from all around to criticize her.

Lauren Thomas, a Facebook user, was one of the first to lash out against Koeberger. Fearing the dangers that an infant with such sharp claws would face, Thomas wrote:


“First and foremost, the baby is going to poke their eyeballs out. Scratch their own back… What the [expletive] is the matter with you as a human being? Isn’t this supposed to be a joke? Please tell me this is a joke. [sic]”

Commenters kept scrolling down to add their venomous criticism. Keoberger’s attempt at celebrity quickly devolved into a disaster. Dovic Channing Messeur, a user, commented, “I’m going to call child services.”


Meanwhile, some people, such as Jessica Kathleen, were convinced that the whole thing was a hoax. Kathleen added in response to Lauren Thomas’s comment:

“It’s obviously a joke, Lauren Thomas, lol. You can’t see the photoshop, can you? Relax and unwind. A normal mother would never get her child’s nails done.”


People continued to come to Koeberger’s post to see the gruesome images and express their displeasure. The unexpected rush of irate commenters seemed to have no end for the poster.


While many people had diverse reactions to the tweet, Kayleigh Carter didn’t think it was funny. “Do you truly think this is humorous, Nelliamo Maphanga – Koeberger?” Despite the fact that it is Photoshop. ‘It’s not funny,’ she shrieked.

Meanwhile, Facebook user Arkadiy Sloboda, who appeared to notice the baby’s manicured nails, speculated that it might have been edited. “It’s always the same hand and photo, with the same lighting and angle. “Impossible,” added the user.


The distressing images quickly spread to other platforms, and the roasting continued unabated. The outrage and concern expressed by several Facebook users in response to Koeberger’s post were widely discussed across multiple platforms.

“Baby nails are already razor-sharp. I can’t image giving claws to my daughter. Pass with difficulty, “Another was written.

As the conversation over Keoberger’s manicure post became more heated, more individuals expressed concern for the baby, prompting the original poster to make another stunning statement in the comments section of her post.

What if the baby pokes it’s eye?

— Patricia Arquette (@PattyArquette) March 25, 2021

“This is quite hazardous. Babies frequently poke themselves in the eyes or face, leaving scratch marks even though they don’t have nails. This is a huge blunder that will only endanger the baby” a different commenter stated.

The Twitterati, on the other hand, were completely taken aback when the image collection began to circulate online. In response to another individual who tweeted the photographs, user PattyArquette wondered, “What if the baby pokes its eye?”

Meanwhile, Keoberger’s Facebook post generated a barrage of angry replies from both sides, forcing her to reveal the truth.

“IT’S ALL A JOKE. Please don’t curse at me!! “she penned Despite her claims that it was all in good fun, the internet never stopped mocking her. Keoberger’s post received over 20,000 replies, 32,000 comments, and 104,000 shares, and it stayed in the news for a long time!


What are your opinions on the images shown above? Do you believe that parents should allow their children to have such ridiculously long and sharp nails? What would you do if you came upon a baby with a manicure like this?

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