California Woman Finds $36,000 In Cash Hidden Inside Couch She Got On Craigslist For Free After The Previous Owner Died


When a woman from Colton, California, acquired a set of secondhand sofas from Craigslist, she discovered more than $36,000 (£28,000) in cash buried within one of the cushions.

Vicky Umodu first discovered the sofa as part of a set on Craigslist, where the components were all posted for free.


“I scrolled down and noticed free goods,” she revealed in an interview with ABC 7. So I went ahead and clicked on it, and the first thing that showed up was this family who wanted to give a sofa and everything in their bedroom set away… I thought it might be a ruse, so I contacted them.”

Vicky Umodu found $36,000 in a second-hand sofa. Credit: ABC 7

Umodu received two sofas and a chair from the family, and when she investigated the furnishings in her home more thoroughly, she uncovered the surprising revelation.

She found a hard lump inside one of the cushions and assumed it was a heat pad until she realized there was no electrical cable attached.


She discovered many envelopes wadded with cash when she finally unzipped the cushion.

“I was just telling my son, come, come, come!” she stated. This is money, I was yelling! “I’m going to have to phone the person.”


Good Samaritan Umodu returned the money to the family, who told her they had found other pockets of cash hidden throughout their deceased family member’s home.

Explaining why she returned the money, she said: “God has been kind to me and my children, they’re all alive and well, I have three beautiful grandchildren, so what can I ever ask from God?”


As a reward for her honesty, the family has agreed to pay for a new refrigerator for Umodu and given her $2,200 (£1,750).

However, not everyone is convinced they would be as honest and forthcoming if they found $36,000 in a secondhand piece of furniture.


“God has been gracious to me and my children, they’re all alive and well, I have three lovely grandchildren, so what can I possibly expect from God?” she asked, explaining why she returned the money.

Umodu’s family has agreed to pay for a new refrigerator and handed her $2,200 (£1,750) as a gift for her honesty.

However, not everyone is confident that if they found $36,000 in a used piece of furniture, they would be as honest and forthright.

The envelopes in which Umodu found the cash. Credit: ABC 7

“Am I stupid for assuming that if it were me, I wouldn’t be telling anyone?” one individual asked on a Facebook thread. Not even my family.”

“I wouldn’t tell a person,” said another. “What’s the matter with her?”

“I really respect her honesty,” a third said, “but given the state of the world right now, I can’t say I would do the same.”

“We’re all battling to stay alive, and I consider that a blessing.” The family was completely unaware of it, thus they were not missing out on anything. They just gave the man’s sofa away, and the money followed. They would have never suspected anything, and they should have rewarded the lady more generously.”

“Ugh why can’t I be lucky enough to find these stuff!” one user wrote on Facebook, lamenting the fact that they didn’t find the cash themselves. No one would ever know, lol!! Lol”

“I told you we needed new couches lmao this could have been us!” said another.



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