Salma Hayek Asserts ‘I Don’t Have Botox’ On Social Media In Response To Trolls


Salma Hayek is one of the most popular and beautiful actors on the planet, but she came from humble beginnings in her home Mexico. Hayek’s enthusiasm for performing catapulted her into the stratosphere after she began working on it at the age of 18. Despite her position at the top, she still finds time to speak for topics she cares about.

Her work in combating domestic abuse against women, as well as her advocacy for immigration and charitable work in helping impoverished children in Mexico, has made her well-known.
While Hayek is regarded as one of Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses, she is now 54 years old and appears to be less attractive than she did when she was younger, she is still stunning. The 54-year-old actress has maintained her exceptional fitness throughout her life, from her childhood to celebrity.


Hayek is best known for her role in the 1996 film “From Dusk Till Dawn,” in which she danced with an Albino Burmese Python Reticulus on her shoulders while wearing a brown bikini that left little to the imagination.

Hayek, who is now a mother of one girl, is still walking around in bikinis in her 50s and looking as stunning as ever. Hayek brazenly shares bikini photographs, daily life, and her hectic schedule on her Instagram account. The actress frequently uses Instagram to share old and new images of herself and her hectic schedule. The actress lashed back at an Instagram follower who suggested she was doing too much botox after posting one photo.

Hayek shared this Instagram photo of her hair blowing in the wind in February 2020. The simple but beautiful social media post received over 400,000 likes and a lot of feedback. One fan’s statement, though, prompted Hayek to answer. “Botox is overused:( Salma isn’t required! “the individual said.


Hayek’s retort was legendary. “I’m not a Botox user. But, thank you for the advise; I was thinking it was about time “”Yes,” said the actress. Others applauded the actress’s innate attractiveness on Instagram. “Beautiful. Wow, you don’t seem to age at all! Always 21!, “a single person penned

“You don’t need it.. you’re naturally beautiful,” another person said. “I’m interpreting your response to him as a clap back and I’m love it.”


She doesn’t use botox or fillers, and she doesn’t believe it’s important to apply cosmetics all the time, according to Harper’s Bazaar. She also revealed one of her beauty secrets. “I don’t wash my face with soap or cleanser in the morning. I apply rose water, moisturizer, and sunblock only if I’m going outside in the sun “The Oscar-nominated actress opened out about her experience.


When she isn’t working, she wears a light makeup look. “During the day, I simply apply a light layer of foundation and a smidgeon of lipstick to my cheeks. Of course, I have to get ready for work and the media “The New York Times reported on her comments.


The actress is embracing aging as well as keeping her natural attractiveness. She admitted to having grey hair, but said it didn’t affect her.

“I’m no longer dyeing my hair. I’m getting rid of the white hair around my ears. But I may fall off the wagon at any time “According to Hayek. Hayek also talked about her cosmetic rituals and her approach to fitness, which she described as “down-to-earth.”

“Nobody will benefit from my advise. I consume the wrong foods and then go on a diet “she revealed. However, the actress admitted to The New York Times in 2017 that she tried to stop eating meat but that it wasn’t the right lifestyle for her.

“I may go for several days without eating meat, but I always return. When I tried going raw for the first time, my body revolted. Sometimes I put in a lot of effort and desire immediate gratification in my life. Let’s face it, I’m a craver “the actress confessed This is only one of the many ways Hayek maintains his authenticity and down-to-earth demeanor. Her Instagram feed provides even more insight into her life and laid-back personality.

Hayek released a short and mildly amusing video of herself and Fran Drescher, who is most remembered for her famous role as Fran Fine in “The Nanny,” at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in February 2022. The two actresses were doing what they do best: they were being ridiculously funny. Hayek’s glove snagged on the edge of Drescher’s gown, trapping both actresses in the restroom until they could extricate themselves. Thankfully, Hayek was still able to present Michael Keaton with the prize she was scheduled to give because the actor had also been delayed on the toilet.



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