Missing 10-year-old Girl Survives Freezing Night By Cuddling Up With Fluffy Stray Dog


We should be grateful for the presence of such unique animals as dogs in our lives. No other creature is as caring and friendly as our four-legged friends, who are always willing to go the additional mile for us.

This is yet another example of why dogs are the best.


Vika, a 10-year-old girl from the Russian island of Sakhalin, became disoriented on her way home from school. She couldn’t remember how to get back to her place and wandered off.

When her family noticed their daughter hadn’t returned home when she was supposed to, they became concerned. They began searching for her everywhere and reported her missing to the authorities.



The search was thorough, but by the time night fell, Vika was still missing. Because the temperature dropped to -11 degrees Celsius (approximately 12 degrees Fahrenheit) and the blizzard dumped two feet of snow, everyone became exceedingly concerned. It was highly likely that the girl would perish from the cold.

Vika was finally found after an 18-hour search. She was caught “holding a fluffy puppy for warmth,” much to everyone’s amazement.


It was a stray dog. Vika approached him when she observed him lying on a mattress that had been placed out for him, and the dog accepted her. “She was hiding with the dog under a balcony,” said Olesya Voznyuk, a member of the Investigative Committee.

According to The Mirror, one of the volunteers who assisted with the search says, “She was rushed directly to hospital, and discovered to suffer slight frostbite.”


Vika’s parents were unsurprised when their daughter made friends with a stray dog to keep warm since, according to them, Vika has always had a particular relationship with animals and has never been afraid of them. When it comes to homeless fluffy critters, on the other hand, she has always been friendly and helpful.

“The girl is really fond of animals; she used to spend a lot of time playing with the neighborhood dogs,” Voznyuk added. “After school, she went to feed these dogs and was caught in a snowstorm and severe winds.”

For saving Vika, the dog deserved all of the praise. Locals even wanted to make sure he had a place to live, but he went missing.

Source: iheartdogs.com


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