2-Year-Old Finds ‘First Best Friend’ With 100-Year-Old Neighbor And Celebrates Milestones Together

While some people may believe that the grass is greener on the other side, two friends found that the grass is actually greenest when everyone is on the same side. Although the years 2020 and 2021 were difficult, they also offered numerous chances for people to rediscover their identities, their passions, and even old acquaintances. The fact that many people were able to create new friendships after taking some time to ultimately connect with others they might not have previously been able to connect with is even more astonishing.

Benjamin Olson, then 2 years old, and Mary O’Neill, then 99 years old, learned how simple it was to develop a loving relationship through a chain-link fence. Due to the fact that O’Neill lost her spouse many years ago and that neither her grandchildren nor great-grandchildren reside in the same state as her, she is currently living alone. She was fortunate to find some companionship when she developed an unexpected yet absolutely endearing connection with her next-door neighbor because she had spent a significant amount of the coronavirus outbreak alone.

O’Neill and Benjamin have become the greatest of friends despite having a 97-year age difference, since they have enjoyed spending time together outside while keeping a safe distance during the pandemic. The two have managed to establish an endearing connection that has won the hearts of numerous people all around the world from their own backyards in their neighborhood in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The two have been allowed to spend even more time together and have continued to enjoy each other’s company as time has gone on and constraints have been lifted.

Before he was even born, O’Neill’s family had been Benjamin’s neighbors, but they rarely saw her, according to CBS News. The Olson family started spending more time in their yard while O’Neill would be in hers as a result of being obliged to stay at home for the most of 2020 after the epidemic struck, which led to the neighbors spending more time together. O’Neill and Benjamin eventually became good friends as time went on.

Sarah Olson, Benjamin’s mother, recalled how her son would approach Mary when he saw her in the yard and bring her a ball. They made up their own game they termed “cane ball” by O’Neill hitting the ball back to him with her cane in response. Since her childish spirit was reawakened when her friendship with Benjamin began, she has found what it means to be a child once more. The two enjoy using water cannons and blowing bubbles together.

According to Olson, who spoke to KARE 11, O’Neill quickly established himself as her son’s “first best friend.” According to Olson, who spoke to CBS News, “We didn’t have to work on it at all; it just happened pretty organically.” Bond can develop in so many various ways, so whether they were in quarantine or not, she added, “I’m just incredibly thrilled they were able to build this friendship. She and he both value their friendship greatly, so I’m glad they’ve developed it.

In August 2021, when O’Neill became 100 years old, the pals even got together to celebrate her milestone birthday! The two still play together practically daily, according to KARE 11.


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