31-Year-Old Man Invited 89-Year-Old Neighbor To Live With Him To Spend Her Last Days In Company


A few years back, one of the most uplifting and utterly unique events from this time of year occurred. When a neighbor and a stranger demonstrated the vastness of their hearts to the world, they became great friends.

Chris Salvatore was 31 years old when he went to a city where he knew no one. He introduced himself to the elderly woman who lived next door, being the good neighbor that he was. At the time, Norma Cook was 89 years old and lived alone with her cat, Hermes. Chris eventually encouraged Norma to move in with him because she required constant attention.


“She is overjoyed that I inquired. Besides, I was over there most days anyhow. She had no other choice except to enter a facility. I couldn’t do that to someone as dear to me as my grandmother.”

When Norma’s health began to deteriorate when she was 89 years old, Chris stepped in to provide his help and care. Because she was dealing with several health issues as well as leukemia, her medical bills were beginning to mount. As a result, Christ created a GoFundMe page for Norma, and donations began to stream in.



Norma and Chris would spend the majority of their days together, taking pleasure in one other’s presence. They instantly became closest friends and family, whether it was to share a pizza or a drink of champagne.



Regrettably, Norma died only four years after meeting Chris. However, it was his love and care that allowed her to say her goodbyes in peace.




“She taught me to love so much more deeply than I could have ever imagined.” Norma touched many people’s hearts at a time when it was greatly needed. She was a very formidable woman with the ability to bring people together who might not otherwise have met.”

When Norma died, Chris broke the news to the rest of the globe. All she wanted was to be able to depart this world with her dignity intact, and he helped her achieve that goal. Norma and Chris, without a doubt, are ideal models of how we should treat each other, whether we’re neighbors, family members, or strangers.


“It is with a heavy heart that I deliver the news that the world lost a really remarkable, lovely woman earlier this morning. Norma is now resting comfortably in the hereafter, and while she is no longer physically present, her spirit will live on in the hearts of many. Norma’s narrative may have helped the world understand the genuine meaning of love, which is perhaps her greatest legacy. “We were all meant to love, and we all want to be loved,” Norma said.


Norma loved Chris as the grandchild she never had, and Chris saw her as the most loving grandmother, Chris told TODAY. Remember that kindness and care for one another can make a difference in someone’s life this holiday season. Even if they’re only a next-door neighbor.

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