Couple Married For 62 Years Passes Away Just 90 Min Apart Holding Hands Till Their Last Breath

Delma and Tom Ledbetter had the kind of love that we usually only see on TV. They clung to one other until they died, only 90 minutes apart, after 62 years of marriage.

In this fast-paced society, where break-ups and divorces are commonplace, perhaps the spouses’ unwavering love can teach us something.

Delma and Tom’s love affair began when they were both in their twenties. They met through common friends, and it was most likely love at first sight, as the two planned to marry soon after.

With children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren, the Texas couple has built a wonderful life together. They wanted to explore and travel around America later in life.

Unfortunately, life does not continue forever, and Delma became ill in 2017, when the couple was both in their 80s. Donetta, the couple’s daughter, recalls the difficult period.

“They were unable to obtain a pulse. They were unable to obtain blood pressure readings. They were unable to obtain anything. Mama, on the other hand, was clinging to something.”

Tom felt ill a few days later and was admitted to the hospital with Delma. The family had no idea that they were about to have the saddest, bitter sweetest, and most romantic experience of their life.

Couple Married For 62 Years Passes Away Just 90 Min Apart Holding Hands Till Their Last Breath

Donetta’s parents were laying side by side in their hospital beds the last time she saw them alive. Tom took his wife’s hand in his.

“She was sleeping, and Daddy went over there and took her hand, and he just lay there with her, and it was very wonderful,” the daughter explained.

Delma and Tom’s granddaughter Stephanie wanted to photograph the couple because it was such a nice time.

Delma and Tom both died soon after, never spending more than 90 minutes apart. They were truly devoted to each other, and death did not separate them.

The photo of the old couple, which was both beautiful and terrible, went viral online and touched many people’s hearts. Their story was comparable to the touching film The Notebook, with one notable exception. The narrative of the Ledbetters is not a script.

The unvarnished image’s authenticity, as well as the simple but profound love tale that spanned six decades, inspired people.

Restwood Memorial Park in Texas is presently where the couple is interred together.


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