15-year-old Prodigy Earns His Fifth College Degree And Becomes The Youngest Student To Graduate From UNLV


You’ve certainly heard of Jack Rico, the 13-year-old genius who made headlines two years ago when he graduated from Fullerton College with four associate’s degrees.

Now 15, Jack is the youngest graduate in the 64-year history of the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, making him a national news story once more.


People are naturally enamored with the young prodigy, but his peers are no different.

“Every now and again, I’ll get a surprise reaction from someone,” Jack explained, “but the majority of my students are incredibly tolerant of me.” “They don’t treat me like a child; they treat me fairly.”

From kindergarten to third grade, Jack attended public school in Huntington Beach, California, but he struggled when the Common Core State Standards learning method was implemented.


The youngster informed his parents that there had to be another way, so they agreed to homeschool him at his request.

“No one child is the same,” Jack said at the time, “in that some kids thrive in a public school context while others thrive in a homeschool situation, and I believe it should be the kids’ choice.” “They should consider their education and what is best for them.”


Ru Andrade, Jack’s mother, realized her son was a prodigy after three years of homeschooling.

“He was wiser than me at 11.” “I knew I had given him everything I had, and he deserved better teachers,” she explained.


That’s how Jack, then 11 years old, wound up at Fullerton College. He sailed through the entrance exam and began classes the next day.

Jack Rico who earned associate’s degrees posing at University of Nevada in Las Vegas

He earned four associate’s degrees in social sciences, history, social behavior, and arts and human expression during COVID-19’s zenith, all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Jack is the youngest student in the 107-year history of Fullerton College to accomplish this milestone.

“I really love learning new things,” he previously told CNN. “I enjoy learning more about the world and the various topics we can study.”


Jack has exhibited symptoms of exceptional intelligence since he was a child. For his fourth birthday, he requested a visit to the White House, and his parents agreed if he memorized the names of all US presidents.

Jack did, and he double-checked by reciting all of the vice presidents.

Jack Rico wearing his graduation robe at UNLV

Jack received a full scholarship to UNLV to pursue a bachelor’s degree in history.

“When my mother informed me, I was like, ‘You’re joking,’ because chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier cheval This isn’t a joke,’ you might think, but it was true. “I fell in love with the campus when we first arrived,” Jack said.

Jack was the institution’s youngest graduate as he walked across the stage on December 14 to get his diploma. He graduated with a 3.78 grade point average.

The adolescent described his lengthy yet relatively quick education as “sad” but also “relieving.”

Jack has a couple associate’s degrees under his belt, but he still has a lot of aspirations for the future, despite the fact that he is still figuring things out.

“I want to acquire my master’s degree, but I’m not sure what I want to study.” I’m not planning on obtaining it in history, so I’m going to audit some classes, figure out what else I’m interested in, and figure out what I want to do with my master’s.”

Before making a decision, Jack hopes to take computer science and business classes at UNLV.

When he is not studying, Jack is just like any other teenager. He enjoys playing video games and spending time with his family and friends. He could be the next Quentin Tarantino, as he spends his free time penning screenplays.

Jack Rico, congratulations! In the video below, learn more about this young achiever.


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