Pregnant Teen Chose Adoption – 33 Years Later, She Reunites with Her Son


Motherhood is a tremendous blessing, and no woman finds it simple to abandon her child.

Unfortunately, it is frequently the best decision to place the child with a family who can properly care for him.


When one 18-year-old female gave birth to her son, this was on her mind.

She was convinced at the time that adopting her son would assure his better future, and 33 years later, she was able to find him down and reconcile with him.

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Melanie Pressley had to make the most difficult decision of her life when she became pregnant at the age of 18.

Despite her desire to keep the baby, her then-boyfriend objected, claiming that he would not play an active part as the child’s father and urging her to abort the pregnancy.


The young mother was devastated, but she realized she couldn’t sustain the child financially. She also desired that the boy be raised by a couple rather than a single parent.

She chose to give birth to the kid and place it for adoption since she was desperate.


She gave birth to a gorgeous and healthy baby boy on June 17, 1988. She didn’t name the kid because she wanted to give his adoptive parents the chance to do so.

Despite the fact that it was strictly forbidden, she held the infant boy in her arms for a few moments as her sister photographed the lovely moment.

Melanie’s only connection to her son for three decades was this photograph.

In the meantime, she marries and has three more children. Nonetheless, she has never forgotten her first son and constantly remembers him, particularly on June 17th.

She stated:

“On that day, there was still a little amount of that grief in me.” That’s pretty much the simplest way to put it. You go through a period of grief and then lament for the rest of your life.”

Her son, Greg Vossler, on the other hand, had a good life with his adoptive family. They lived close one other at first, but when he was 7, they relocated to Virginia. His parents told him he was adopted when he was 9 or 10.

He remembered:

“They told me when I was nine or ten or somewhere in that age range that I was adopted and that the mother who put me up for adoption thought I would have a better life elsewhere.”

Nonetheless, he had a wonderful existence with a loving family and was not really interested in learning more about his biological parents.

He eventually came across descriptions of his birth parents, but no names or any information about them.


When people asked him about not having a star look-alike, he said he always laughed about it. Nonetheless, there was no doubt that a glimmer of wonder lingered in the back of his thoughts.

He stated:

“I named my first son Gregory after my first living blood relative.” So I desired to have that connection.”

In 2018, he decided to understand more about his genetics by taking a DNA test through the website 23andMe. His main motivation was to understand more about his medical history because he had little knowledge of his family’s medical background. He was aware that the site frequently suggested new potential DNA relatives, so he decided to investigate that as well.

Meanwhile, Melanie’s daughter Rachel was aware that her mother was grieving for her long-lost son and had long wished to meet him, so she had been looking for a method to bring the two together.

Under the premise of learning more about her genetics for health concerns, she gave her mother the 23-and-me DNA test.

They began exchanging emails and then turned to text messages.

The mother and son finally met this summer, 33 years after they were first separated.

Greg and his family traveled to Ohio to meet Melanie and her family, and it was a bittersweet reunion.

Greg stated:

“Everyone is emotional, and they’re all shaking hands or hugging one other.” ‘Hey, I’m your half-brother, half-sister,’ and so on. Melanie’s elder sister, who was key in permitting Melanie to take that initial photo, approached me and touched my face. It’s the first time she’s seen me in 33 years. It’s an incredible sensation. And that simply goes to show that there’s always room for families to develop and more love to be shared among them.”

His mother is proud of him and is unsure if she made the right decision, as the Vossler family has grown him to be a wonderful man who is courteous, kind, and kind.

Both mom and kid were overjoyed to see each other, and Greg was especially pleased to meet his blood relatives.

They’ve even devised a strategy: Melanie will travel to Virginia to meet Greg’s adoptive parents as well as the rest of his family.

Greg stated:

“Life has a weird way of providing you with what you require rather than what you desire. Sometimes such desires and needs coincide, but other times you don’t recognize what you really require until later. Melanie’s family’s presence in my life at this time has been a gift. It’s reawakened certain feelings and sparked some excitement.”

His mother continued:

“I felt like my heart was entire again once I found him.” Growing older brings with it a certain amount of wisdom, yet there is no shame in putting someone up for adoption. There are loving couples who are unable to have children but would welcome the opportunity to nurture a kid.”



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