Girl’s Letter To Her Future Self, Written Months Before She Passed Away


Most kids aspire to attend college, explore the world, and have a large number of friends. Taylor Smith, a 12-year-old from Johnson City, Tennessee, was no exception. This young lady spent her days with her family and friends, and she was a big fan of Doctor Who.

Smith revealed these ambitions in an April 2013 letter to her future self. “To be opened by Taylor Smith on April 12, 2023 only (unless stated otherwise),” the letter was placed inside a box in her room.


Regrettably, she did not live long enough to see if her ambitions were realized. Taylor died of complications from a sudden attack of pneumonia just months after she penned that letter.

Tim and Mary Ellen Smith, her parents, were devastated. They couldn’t believe their little girl was no longer with them.

They discovered the note while sifting through her belongings one day. Because it moved them greatly, they decided to publish it online in the hopes of bringing comfort to others.


“I can’t physically resuscitate her, I can’t bring her back,” Marry Ellen wrote in response to her daughter’s letter. “But I’m so grateful people have been inspired by her tale.”

Taylor’s letter and the words she wrote to herself are included below.


Dear Taylor,

How’s life? Life is pretty simple right now (10 years in your past). I know I’m late for you, but as I’m writing, this is early, so; congratulations on graduating high school! If you didn’t, go back and keep trying. Get that degree! Are you (we) in college? If not, I understand. We do have pretty good reasoning, after all.


Don’t forget, it’s Allana’s 11th birthday today! Sheesh, 11 already? In my time, she just turned 1! I didn’t get to go to that party though, because I was in Cranks, Kentucky for my first mission trip. I’ve only been back for 6 days!


Speaking of, how’s your relationship with GOD? Have you prayed, worshipped, read the bible, or gone to serve the lord recently? If not, get up and do so NOW! I don’t care what point in our life we’re in right now, do it! He was mocked, beaten, tortured, and crucified for you! A sinless man, who never did you or any other person any wrong!

Now, have you gone on any more mission trips? Have you been out of the country yet? How about on a plane?

Is Doctor Who still on the air? If not, what regeneration did they end it with? You should go watch some Doctor Who! Later though, you gotta finish reading your own words of wisdom!

Do you have your own place yet? If we’re in college, what are we majoring in? Right now, I wanna be a lawyer.

Have you been to Dollywood recently? Right now, their newest attraction is the Wild Eagle. It’s so fun!

Also I think I’m going to sell my iPad and buy an iPad mini, Don’t forget to tell your kids that we’re older than the tablet! Attached I also have a drawing of an iPad, so you can show them.

Well, I think that’s all. But remember, it’s been 10 years since I wrote this. Stuff has happened, good and bad. That’s just how life works, and you have to go with it.

Sincerely, Taylor Smith



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