High School Football Team Celebrates Boy With Autism’s Birthday After Only One Person RSVPs To His Party


After his class failed to show up, an Idaho high school football squad made an autistic boy’s special day absolutely fantastic.

No matter what kind of adversity they’re dealing with in life, every child deserves to feel special on their birthday. Fortunately, a big-hearted football coach and his inspired high school squad stepped in to score a touchdown after one little boy’s peers and parents failed to notice.


Christian Larsen, a soon-to-be nine-year-old kid with autism, was very pleased to have a huge birthday party with all of his classmates in 2019. He’d been begging his mother for one for years, but they’d always come up with an excuse to keep it small or invite only family. Lindsay Larsen thought it was time to grant her son’s dream as his ninth birthday approached.

She therefore sent him to school with 25 invitations for his friends, but she received no response from their parents. She wasn’t sure if he’d given them out at first, but she subsequently found that he was so eager to do so that he disrupted class. Lindsay’s heart was broken when only one little child responded.

“I don’t blame them for that; I realize that new habits and experiences can make us uncomfortable and cause us to shut down,” Larsen told KTVB7 later. “However, when you get to know someone, that unusual thing that made you uncomfortable can turn into a quirk, and the quirk can turn into something unique as you get to know them.”


Larsen was so unhappy about the event at the time that she shared it with her Facebook friends. She stated that while she understood, it was still difficult to see — especially as a mother.

“At the end of the school year picnic, Christian said his goodbyes and requested his ‘friends’ to RSVP. “I observed him conversing with six students from his class,” she stated. “He called them by name, stopped, and then said. She continued, “He has worked so hard this year to memorize names, and I could sense he was proud as he spoke to them.”


“He asked for high fives from a couple of people.” One of the girls grinned and replied, ‘OK,’ to him. The others were all lads. Three were completely deafeningly silent when he spoke to them. ‘No,’ answered one of them. And another, who was seated next to us at a picnic table, first ignored him, then answered, ‘Maybe,’ when Christian didn’t take the hint to leave and asked again. Christian was also ignored by his parents.”

She went on to describe her family’s belief on spreading compassion. “We’ve worked with Christian and all of our kids to teach them to accept and love everyone for who they are,” she continued. “It’s acceptable if people do things that embarrass you or that you’re not used to. He’s come a long way in understanding that everyone is fighting different fights for various reasons. You are not required to understand why. “All you have to do is be nice.”

High school football team sings happy birthday to young boy and girl

After seeing the message (which has now been shared dozens of times), one of Larsen’s friends decided to contact the local high school football coach in Idaho to see if he could assist. Coach Dan Holtry of Nampa High School quickly texted his players to see if they were interested in attending a children’s party.

“It feels like the kids were saying, ‘We’re in…’ before I could finish the text.” We’re in, Coach!’ He told KTVB7, “They were like, ‘When do we do it, let’s go.’” “I was astounded at how eager they were to become involved and look after Christian.”


The high schoolers delivered on their promise and more on the day of the party. They arrived wearing Christian’s shirts and screaming his name. They even brought him gifts, participated in games with the other children, and stayed for cake.

“When I saw them, I pretended to pass out, which was pretty fantastic.” I was blown away! I’m at a loss for words! “Wow!” the youngster exclaimed to the outlet. “This is possibly the nicest birthday I’ve ever had; I’ve had a lot of good days, and this could be one of them.”

“He was just overjoyed to see us!” “We were all ecstatic to be there,” said Donovan Estrada, one of the players. “All he wanted was to play football with us, show us his gifts, and have us stay for cake and stuff like that.”

High School football team cheers on young boy in American Flag shirt

According to the football coach, he and his players realized they had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to aid someone in need. “It was just an opportunity to help a guy who was going through a tough time,” Holtry explained. “We understand difficulty and have faced our fair share of it, and we know how to overcome it.”

Holtry is teaching his kids more than football at the end of the day; he’s also teaching them life lessons. In the end, their charity not only made a difference in the life of a particular child, but it also made a huge difference in the lives of his entire family.

“The social aspect of autism is one of the most important aspects. They can teach him how to play back and forth. “They can assist him in developing relationships with not only them, but also with kids his own age,” Larsen added. “I’d like to encourage parents to talk to their children because everyone needs a friend,” she says. Discuss with your children any disparities that other children may have.”

The significance of talking to your children about acceptance and kindness, as well as helping them understand that everyone is going through something — even if you can’t see it — is a big takeaway from this narrative. All you can do is be kind, as Larsen stated in her original Facebook post.

Aside from the kids, it’s a lesson we might all benefit from. How often do we get caught up in our own daily routines and forget that others are also going through difficult times? Christian, his mother, a coach, and the entire high school football team are living proof that sometimes just showing up and getting to know someone for who they truly are is all that matters.

It can make a world of difference to someone else in ways we may never have considered, as Christian demonstrates.

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