WATCH: The Rock Gives New Truck to Man Who Took Him in When He Was a Homeless Teen


While filming for the TV series Young Rock, which is based on his life, Dwayne Johnson, better known as the Rock, was reminded of a particular friendship he had with a man named Bruno Lauer. This man took him in when he was 15 years old and homeless. As a result, Bruno was invited to the set of the TV show one day, when the Rock presented the man with a truck as a gesture of his appreciation.

As a young adolescent, The Rock lived in Hawaii with his mother. However, his mother’s financial situation was difficult, and she was unable to make her payments. In retaliation, her landlords evicted her and the Rock from their flat. Dwayne’s mother, understandably concerned for his well-being, informed him that he would be moving to Tennessee to live with his father.


When he stepped off the plane, the homeless 15-year-old father was nowhere to be seen. A different man, though, was ready to pick him up. Dwayne was told he’d be living with Bruno, a man he’d never met before. Bruno, who lived in Walls, Mississippi, took him in since he knew he would otherwise be homeless.

The Rock explained, “He took this punk kid in and we became lifelong friends.”

In a variety of ways, The Rock recognized this man’s selflessness and compassion. Dwayne, for example, received Bruno’s last $40 to help him buy his first car. The Rock was still struggling to make ends meet years later, before becoming a WWE wrestler, but Bruno allowed him to return to his home.


Bruno’s influence on the Rock was described as “always finding a way to place a few people in my path that would alter the trajectory of the road I was traveling down.”

Dwayne, according to Bruno, gave him the nickname “Downtown Bruno.”


Dwayne wanted to express his gratitude to Bruno for his unwavering support throughout his youth, so he presented him with a vehicle.

Learn why the Rock gave Bruno a truck by watching the entire tale unfold on Instagram, as told by the Rock and Bruno:


Since the TV show depicted some of his “crazy days” in Mississippi with Bruno, Dwayne Johnson brought Bruno to the set of Young Rock.

It seemed like the perfect occasion to thank Bruno, so when he arrived, the two explained how they met and reminisced about their time together…


As they ended their interview, a brand-new Ford pickup drew up alongside them.

As a result, The Rock began to deliver a speech.

“I can’t thank you enough for telling me when I was 15 that you had every right to say, “I don’t know this kid.” I don’t want to share a room with him.’ And you took me in, which means a lot to me because it truly changed the course of my life, and I love and appreciate you for it, and I thank you for buying my first car…and now I have the opportunity to inform you that this is your new automobile, “Bruno quoted the Rock.

That’s when the rock surprised Bruno with a car as a thank-you gift.

Bruno was caught off guard. The encounter brought him to tears. “Before this, before this!” “I adore you!” Bruno exclaimed as the Rock handed him the truck. “I’ve never had someone do anything like this for me before.”

“Thank you, Lord, Jesus, for putting you in my life,” Bruno said in response.

When the Rock handed Bruno the truck, he not only paid the fee, but he also traveled to Mississippi to obtain the truck’s license plates and had it delivered to him.

“It was a gift just to be able to see you!” Bruno made a comment.

The Rock’s Instagram video illustrating all of this has earned more than 3,750,000 views since he posted it over a year ago.

For the Rock, Bruno went above and above. Taking in orphans and widows, on the other hand, is something God requires of us.



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