Frightened Parents ‘Give It To God’ As Conjoined Twins Are Separated In 10-Hour Surgery


Addy and Lily Altobelli are conjoined twins who were separated months after birth in a dangerous 10-hour surgery. Now, their parents are talking about how they relied on God during the terrible journey.

Maggie and Dom Altobelli, the parents of the split conjoined twins, faced a lot of uncertainty with their baby girls. From the time they discovered Addy and Lily shared a stomach, the couple was plagued by unanswered questions.


As a result, Maggie and Dom did the best they could. They gave it everything to God and trusted Him to guide them through the entire process. And He went ahead and accomplished it!

Maggie was expecting to learn the gender of her baby during her 20-week pregnancy check-up — single. She was surprised to learn, however, that she would be having twin girls.

Maggie, on the other hand, was in for a larger surprise when the ultrasound revealed something her doctor had never seen before. She was carrying twins that were conjoined.


Her doctor remarked, “Their small stomachs are joined.”

The couple had not expected to find themselves in this circumstance. However, they chose to trust God’s plan, even though it did not appear to be the same as theirs.


“It was both a surprise and a shock,” Maggie remarked. “However, we simply assumed that God had given us these ladies for a reason.”

After their birth, the couple agreed to have the conjoined twins split. This required them to leave their home in Chicago and collaborate with doctors at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), who had expertise separating conjoined twins. Maggie and Dom, on the other hand, had no idea how long and tough the road ahead would be.


The separation was first put through a series of tests to discover if it was even possible. Doctors wouldn’t even be able to attempt if the babies shared a heart. Even after doctors verified they could perform separation surgery on the conjoined twins, Maggie and Dom Altobelli were warned it would be extremely dangerous.

“‘Yes, this is a favorable position,’ they responded. It’s still a high-risk delivery and operation,’ says the doctor “Maggie remembers something.

It was scary to be completely unsure of what would happen to their infant girls. Maggie and Dom, on the other hand, opted to take things “one step at a time” and trust God. During the pregnancy, they dubbed their conjoined twins Faith and Hope.

Maggie gave birth to Addy and Lily Altobelli at 34 weeks. Maggie and Dom were ecstatic with the arrival of the daughters, but the conjoined twins faced challenges almost away.

Because the twins shared a chest, when Lily, the older twin, was unhappy, it caused Addy to have breathing problems.


Maggie added, “If Lily became upset, she would (control) her breathing.” “There were instances when Addy coded because she couldn’t breathe because Lily was upset,” says the narrator.

The conjoined twins required time to grow and get therapies in preparation for their upcoming surgery before they could be separated. Apart from adoring their babies, Maggie and Dom could only pray for a favorable outcome while letting the physicians handle the situation.

The day had finally come to separate the conjoined twins, not long before they turned one. Maggie and Dom entirely surrendered to God’s will, despite the fact that many things could go wrong.

“It was bizarre and emotional all at the same time. The entire day was quite serene, and we just handed it to God – like we have done throughout this entire trip “Maggie Altobelli recalled the incident. “We’re just so fortunate to have surgeons who know what they’re doing and who worked tirelessly to treat our girls like their own.”

Doctors spent ten hours to complete the procedure, with Maggie and Dom receiving updates every two hours. Then they got word that the operation had gone well and was finished.

Maggie said, “I just dropped to the floor.” “Everyone was sobbing and crying.” There was so much happiness.”

Addy and Lily Altobelli spent the following two months rehabilitating in the hospital until they were cleared for release. Finally, the split conjoined twins returned to Chicago with their parents.

“We’re overjoyed that they’ve returned home. “It’s incredible,” Maggie exclaimed. “I still cry to this day, simply seeing the children sitting in the living room watching Frozen or any Disney movie,” she continued. Because it’s exactly what you’ve always wished for and imagined, and it’s truly unexplainable. I have no words to express how incredible that is.”

Physical, occupational, and speech treatment are still being provided to the babies. They are also practicing eating on their own, despite the fact that they are now on feeding tubes. And, after conquering so many obstacles, they have a bright future ahead of them.

“This is the start of our trip. In many aspects, it’s one of a kind “Maggie Altobelli elaborated. “These young ladies will enjoy long and healthy lives. We are experiencing a life that is both miraculous and unbelievable.”

It’s not easy to find tranquility in the midst of a storm. But, just as we saw with these conjoined twins who were separated, if we can commit our hearts to God’s purpose, there is nothing He can’t use for good!



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