Parents Say Goodbye As Baby Is Taken Off Life Support, but Then A Miracle Happen!


Doctors told Harrison’s parents that he would die if he acquired meningitis at the age of three weeks. Antibiotics were ineffective, and scans revealed Harrison was brain-dead. Doctors advised that there was nothing left for them to do but say their goodbyes. Instead of death, they got a miracle when the baby boy’s life support was turned off!

Samantha and Adam were adoring their newborn son, Harrison, at their house in the United Kingdom. The 3-week-old, however, went unconscious after a rough night. In his mother’s arms, he lost his appetite and became “floppy.”


His parents were terrified and requested an ambulance.

“He was brought to Sheffield Hospital by ambulance, and they didn’t know if he’d make it,” Samantha recounted. “It was a nail-biter.”

Doctors discovered Harrison had meningitis, a potentially fatal infection, at the hospital. They tried everything they could to make the baby boy’s situation better, but nothing worked.


“Despite antibiotics, Harrison’s condition worsened, and doctors confirmed our worst fears after five days of attempting to save him,” Samantha said. “He was going to pass away.”

The bereaved parents had their baby transferred to a hospice facility, where he could die in peace. God, on the other hand, had other plans for this tiny angel!


Workers at the hospice put Harrison on a ventilator to keep him breathing long enough for his parents to say their goodbyes. Then the time arrived to turn off the infant boy’s life support.

That’s when God intervened and performed a miracle!


Instead of dying, the tiny fighter continued to breathe! It astounded his parents as well as the physicians.


“We never expected Harrison would continue to breathe after his life support was turned off,” Samantha said. “When we were informed he wasn’t going to live, we were all so heartbroken; it felt like a true miracle.”

Despite this, scans revealed that their child was brain-dead. Doctors predicted that he would never walk or speak.

“We were afraid, but so grateful he had survived,” Samantha recounted, “that we just took each day as it came.” “Harrison’s brain scan results revealed he was absolutely brain-dead, but we believed he’d overcome the odds.”

That’s exactly what this sweet little angel accomplished!

Harrison continued to improve and grow, achieving each milestone as any other child would. He’s three now, and he’s everything the doctors thought he’d never be: a happy, healthy toddler!

“It’s fantastic to look at him now and see him running around, riding his bike, and reading books,” Samantha says. “He’s deaf in one ear and has minor cerebral palsy on his right side, yet you’d never guess it by looking at him. Harrison is bursting with energy, and we can’t believe how fortunate we are to have him in our lives.”

And Harrison’s life is about to get even better. Samantha and Adam are expecting their first child, a girl. This miracle child is about to become a big brother!

Harrison is proof that God is the one who decides, no matter how improbable the chances. Even at the darkest moments, He is in command!

“So fear not, for I am with you; be not alarmed, for I am your God. I will strengthen and assist you; with my righteous right hand, I will uphold you.”  (Isaiah) 41:10



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