Preemie Baby Is Close to Dying until Twin Sister Gives Her a Hug


After the birth of the Jackson twins more than two decades ago, a Massachusetts hospital witnessed a miracle that defied science. Until one of the newborns received a soft touch from her twin sister, one of the babies was proclaimed dead.

Mrs. Heidi Jackson’s twins were born on October 17, 1995, at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of a hospital in Westminster, Massachusetts.


Heidi only carried the fetuses for six months before they were born prematurely, unlike a regular pregnancy. Furthermore, the circumstances of the delivery necessitated urgent care, as the children’s survival was unlikely.

The sisters were maintained in separate incubators in the hopes of maturing quickly. One of the kids, on the other hand, began to appear healthy, while her twin struggled to stay alive.

A nurse then went against hospital policy by putting both girls in the same incubator. As a result of this action, the “rescuing hug” has become well-known.


Paul and Heidi Jackson were well aware that their children should not have arrived more than 10 weeks early. While they were overjoyed to get Kyrie and Brielle, they quickly recognized the dangers of having kids too soon.

The nurses and physicians, on the other hand, were kind enough to fight for the premature twins, putting them in separate incubators to give them a chance at survival.


Kyrie, one of the twins, began to gain weight. Brielle, on the other hand, had to struggle with a variety of health issues and had only gained 2 pounds.

Brielle’s condition worsened about a month after their births, she battled to breathe, and her heart rate dropped dramatically.


The doctors were fast to respond, attempting a variety of medical techniques but to no avail. That’s when nurse Gayle Kasparian came up with the idea of defying hospital policy and putting the girls in the same incubators.


Her compassion and faith led to her pioneering acts in “Kangaroo Care,” a bonding method in which premature newborns are given skin-to-skin contact with their moms.

It formed a groundbreaking pattern, despite the fact that it had never been done before in the history of the United States.

Kyrie, the stronger and healthier twin, extended her arm around Brielle’s body as soon as she was placed close to her sister. The battling twin’s heart rate and temperature both returned to normal in that moment.

Fortunately, a photojournalist captured the moment, and word of the miracle of touch quickly spread.

Even as teenagers, the twins appear to have stayed close. During an interview about a decade ago, they gushed about their similarities, stating that they occasionally converse at the same time.

Not only that, but they also suggested that one twin might be thinking about the same music and lyrics as the other. They put it this way:

“Every now and again, we speak at the same moment. ‘Oh, are you thinking about a song?’ one individual could wonder. Yes, it’s the same part.’”

The girls went on to say that they enjoy reading about their experiences. They still hug, and Brielle admits that Kyrie is always close by to console her when she is depressed.


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