Single Man Adopted Cambodian Orphan Who Was Struggling To Survive. He’s Now Representing The Us At The Olympics


“I owe him everything, all of my achievements, to him. It’s been an incredible ride with him, and we’re still going strong.”

Jordan Windle, a 22-year-old diver who competed in the Olympic Games in Tokyo this year as a member of the United States Olympic Diving Team, has an astounding story to tell.


Jordan’s parents died when he was barely a year old, and he was forced to live in an orphanage in Cambodia. He was a frail infant who had a parasite infection and a bleak future ahead of him. That all changed when Jerry Windle, a gay Florida guy, came across an article about a single man who adopted a Cambodian child.

“When the narrative got to the part about the father and his son’s tight bond, something snapped in my thoughts… I called the number mentioned in the article, explaining that I had just read an article and was wondering if it was possible for a single person to adopt a child. “Yes, it is,” they replied. Jerry talked to Today about it.

He was holding his son in his arms a few months later, eager to give him a new start in America.


Jordan attended a summer camp when he was seven years old, and it was the start of an unbelievable life experience that included the sport that would transform Jordan’s life forever: diving.

Jerry received a call from Tim O’Brien, whose father Ron O’Brien has coached a number of successful divers over the years, when Jordan was at summer camp. Jerry was told by Tim that there was something special about his son and that he was born to dive.


Jordan “won his first junior national title, which is extremely unique for someone who just got into a sport,” his father told Today, two years after his first interaction with diving. “I know the hard work he’s put in, and I’m just really pleased and proud that he’s been able to accomplish such an unbelievable thing with his coaching team,” the delighted father continued.

Jordan explains that he dives since his father is a diver. Jerry is overjoyed to see his son thrive and see how his profession continues to grow with each passing year.


Jerry was unable to follow his son to Tokyo due to the pandemic and all of the limitations.

“I can generally hear (my father) above the din of the audience, which is fantastic.” “It’ll be odd not having him at the Olympics,” Jordan remarked, according to The News & Observer. “I wish he could be there, but it doesn’t change what I’m going there to do: have a good time, brag a little, and put on a show for everyone.” That will be my goal, and I hope to do so in a way that pleases him.”

The young actor expressed gratitude to his father for all that he has done for him over the years. “I wouldn’t be where I am today if he hadn’t made all of the sacrifices he has, and I wouldn’t have had his love and support the entire time we’ve been together.” I owe him everything, all of my achievements, to him. It’s been an incredible ride with him, and we’re still going strong.”



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