Woman Goes Missing For A Week After Car Accident And Returns With Incredible Story


Angela Hernandez, 23, was miraculously found alive after falling over 200 feet from a cliff. This amazing and extraordinary story is about faith, willpower, and God sending angels to save her.

Angela doesn’t recall anything from the car accident. Angela Hernandez, on the other hand, found herself in grave peril when she awoke at the foot of a precipice with water up to her knees wading into her car.


She was driving from Oregon to California when she swerved to avoid hitting an animal. Instead, she plummeted to her knees. She worried when she realized she was in the ocean when she awoke. When she looked up, her car’s entire top had been pulled off.

Her body was also torn apart by pain. She didn’t know the extent of her injuries, but she knew she shouldn’t be alive based on the appearance of her car. She miraculously discovered a utility knife on the front seat of her car. She was able to use it to bust out the last remaining window and climb out.

She had passed out after pulling herself from the twisted wreck, no doubt due to the severe injuries and exertion required to free herself. Angela realized she was in serious trouble at that point.


It was one thing to clamber out of her automobile; it was quite another to stand 200 feet above the roadway, staring at steep and jagged cliffs. She realized then that being rescued was more than a remote possibility. Over the thundering ocean waves and the sound of traffic, no one could see her, much less hear her. She tried to stay alive for the following seven torturous days, hoping that someone would find her.

“The past week has been unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my whole life,” she posted on Facebook. She went on to say, “The only thing I really remember after that was waking up.” “Water was rising above my knees while I was still in my car. My head hurt, and I noticed blood on my hands when I touched it.”


She passed out after that.

“It was still daylight when I awoke, and it was only then that I recognized what had happened. Angela recounted, “I rose up onto my feet and sensed a great pain in my shoulders, hips, back, and thighs.” “I saw nothing except rocks, the ocean, and a cliff that I knew I’d never be able to see over,” she continued. My automobile could be seen not far away, half-washed up on the beach with the roof ripped off.”


Angela Hernandez knew that if she waited long enough, she would be discovered. She understood that drinking water was the most important thing to her, so she made do with what she had.

She gathered water dropping from moss on rocks with a hose from her car. She spent days watching the cars above her pass by and nights fantasizing of being rescued while she longed to be rescued. She writes, “I could see cars driving across the edge and felt that if I could just yell loud enough, no one would hear or see me.” “It would only take that to get back to my family. Only one individual has taken notice of me.”

God intervened on the seventh day. To save this brave and fierce young woman, He sent two angels in the form of a husband and wife. Chad and Chelsea Moore love the ocean and were investigating the area for a nice fishing site when they came upon a wrecked automobile and a car bumper. As they approached the crash, they were worried since they anticipated they wouldn’t discover survivors but bodies based on the wreck’s appearance.

Chelsea remembers, “There were no evidence of people, blood, or anything like that. It appeared as if there would be no survivors.” The pair discovered pieces from the wreck as they walked down the beach, and Angela was hiding among the rocks as they rounded a corner of the cliff. She appeared bruised, abused, dehydrated, and burnt.

Chad couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw what he did. “Angela was standing right there in the crags, looking like hell. She was both happy and sad at the same moment. She was delighted to see us. ‘Were you in the Jeep?’ we inquired, and she replied, ‘That was my Jeep.’”

Angela felt she was dreaming again when she saw the couple approaching her. “They acted in such a timely manner. Chelsea dashed down the beach and up a trail in search of assistance, while the man stayed with me and provided me with fresh water. He explained that they were a married couple who like the water and had been exploring when they came upon my wrecked car.”

Angela had to be roped in by first responders. They treated her for her immediate injuries and brought her to the hospital when they arrived. Angela understood the full extent of her injuries at that point.

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