Girl Born With Heart Outside Chest Is A True Fighter And Inspiration

With her “never give up” attitude, a girl born with her heart outside her chest is inspiring people all over the world.

Virsaviya Borun-Goncharova, 11, has defied doctors’ predictions and is living her best life in Florida with her loving family.

Her life has been difficult because she was born with a rare disease in which her rib cage and abdominal muscles fail to protect her heart. Dari, Virsaviya’s mother, claims that physicians told her when she was pregnant that her unborn daughter would not survive and would most likely die during pregnancy or birth.

Dari, on the other hand, adored her unborn daughter and wanted to give birth to her. Today, the pre-teen is having fun and participating in all of the things that anyone her age would. ‘She is certainly a miracle, and I admire her for who she is.’ She is truly one of a kind. She is a one-of-a-kind individual.

According to medical research, Virsaviya has Pentalogy of Cantrell, a disorder that affects only one in a million live births and hasn’t caused her any pain in her daily activities.

While her heart ailment does not prevent her from doing typical things, she must be extremely cautious not to injure her chest, since this might be quite harmful for her heart, which is completely exposed beneath the skin. To protect her important organ from injury, she wears a chest covering.

Virsaviya has conoventricular VSD, which is a hole in her heart where sections of the ventricular septum should meet, in addition to her cardiac problem. Due to her condition, she has spent a lot of time in the hospital and occasionally need an oxygen tank when her oxygen levels decrease.

Virsaviya, ever the vivacious and enthusiastic young lady, acknowledges that her disease has serious hazards, but she refuses to allow it stop her from leading a normal life. “It can be challenging when my oxygen levels are low and I feel lightheaded and dizzy,” she explained. But I enjoy singing and dancing with my pals to stay active.”

Finally, Virsaviya mentions that she receives a lot of messages from admirers on her Instagram account, where her life has been documented in order to encourage others, telling her how motivated they are by her tale.

Virsaviya is an inspiration to the entire world because she is achieving her full potential despite the most extreme and perilous circumstances. ‘My heart is different, but it makes me entirely unique, and I embrace that,’ she says, leaving us with an encouraging message.


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