3-Year-Old Girl Abruptly Asks Waitress about Her Skin Color and Gets a Profound Response


When her daughter’s words came out of her mouth, Mom’s heart sank in fear, and the waitress responded with a raw and frightening remark that mom would never forget.

The darnedest things are said by children. What comes out of their mouths can either make us laugh or make us cringe.


Holland is a young girl who likes Mrs. Cynthia, a long-serving waitress. She works at Waffle House in Fort Myers, which is one of Holland’s favorite eateries. Mrs. Cynthia has known Holland since she was a child, and she always seats her in her beloved corner booth and offers her raisin toast and apple juice.

Mrs. Cynthia was well-known in the family by the time Hollard turned one. She’d almost become a family member in her own right.

They talk about what’s going on in their life and even pray for each other.


Mary Katherine, Holland’s mother, prayed for Mrs. Cynthia’s adult son, and Mrs. Cynthia prayed for Mary Katherine’s breast cancer battle.
In Mrs. Cynthia’s portion of the restaurant, author Mary Katherine Backstrom authored a book while drinking on numerous cups of coffee served by the waiter to fuel her creativity. Mrs. Cynthia, on the other hand, was adored by no one more than tiny Holland.

Holland insisted on having her birthday parties at Waffle House. Mrs. Cynthia is such a regular that she placed her order as soon as she sees her car pull in. Their bond is amazing, filled with nothing but adoration and affection for one another.


Until one day, Holland’s mother was taken aback by a question she asked Mrs. Cynthia. During the subsequent silence, you could have heard a pin drop. Mary Katherine’s heart rate increased thrice.

“I wish I had dark skin like you, Mrs. Cynthia.” “Can you tell me why your skin is so dark?”


Mary Katherine, on the other hand, should not have been concerned. Mrs. Cynthia responded to her query with such raw and beautiful honesty that it taught both Holland and Mary Katherine a valuable lesson.

“Because God created everyone to be unique!” Isn’t that fantastic?!”


Holland agreed with a nod. But she had a few more childish, sincere inquiries for her pal. Of course, the most significant to her was her favorite Disney character.

“However, if I had your skin, Mrs. Cynthia, we could both dress up as Tiana!”

Mrs. Cynthia couldn’t stop giggling at her little friend’s thoughtful response.

“You can dress up as Tiana whenever you want, honey.”

The educational moment had passed, and Holland and Mary Katherine had both learnt a valuable lesson.

“My three-year-old daughter can tell the difference between a white and a black woman.” Humans aren’t born with the ability to ignore our differences. And, to be honest, pretending these disparities don’t exist is an insult in so many ways. What we must do is teach our children to SEE and APPRECIATE the characteristics that distinguish God’s people. It doesn’t matter if it’s because of their color, nationality, or religious views… These are issues that need to be addressed. Because, spoiler warning, they’ve already been seen by our children.”

Mary Katherine recognized she froze because she didn’t want to mess up her reaction when Holland innocently raised the issue of race with the lady she loved who happened to be of a different skin color. She didn’t want to offend anyone by saying something inappropriate. She wanted her daughter to understand that skin color is irrelevant.

“…fear is a deceiver. Silence, on the other hand, is a poor teacher. Thank God for Mrs. Cynthia’s grace and wisdom. I’m not going to stop my kids from asking questions about the world around them in the future. I’m not going to suffocate them or educate them that ‘different’ is a harmful or taboo subject. Instead, I’ll tell them the straightforward, honest-to-goodness truth, as told by Mrs. Cynthia, our great friend: ‘God made everyone different.’ ‘Isn’t that fantastic?’

Mary Katherine shared a brutally honest and lovely parenting moment with the rest of the world on social media. We can only hope that all children, like Holland’s, grow up to appreciate the beauty that exists within everyone, rather than only what is visible on the exterior.

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