Newborn Who Was Abandoned In Dumpster Grows Up To Create Multi-Million Dollar Business


Not everyone has a smooth start in life; some of us are confronted with difficulties from the minute we are born. Some newborns are born with physical problems, while others are forced to grow up in a toxic familial environment, which can lead to stress later in life. However, being abandoned soon after birth is perhaps one of the worst things that may happen.

Many moms who lack the financial wherewithal to sustain their children or who are experiencing issues that deem them unfit leave their babies on a church doorstep or at a hospital so that they can be identified and taken in. Unfortunately, in 1989, a woman in Florida put her son in danger by putting him near a garbage. This isn’t the best start in life, but the infant had a bright destiny ahead of him that would defy his circumstances.


The infant, Freddie Figgers, was adopted by Nathan and Betty Figgers at the age of two days, which is extraordinary since many abandoned children go through the tough foster care system and may never be adopted. Despite facing difficulties from the beginning of his life, Freddie was able to transform that adversity into ambition owing to the loving support of his family, and he went on to create a firm and become a billionaire entrepreneur.

Freddie has incredible strength and perseverance, and his parents are role models for raising children to be the greatest versions of themselves.

According to the BBC, Freddie was abandoned in a garbage shortly after his birth in rural Florida. Thankfully, he was adopted by Nathan and Betty Figgers when he was just two days old, and they have always been there for him.


When Freddie was eight years old, he inquired about his birth, and his father was forthright “‘Listen, Fred, I’m going to tell it to you straight.’ Your original mother abandoned you, and Betty Mae and I did not want to place you in foster care, so we adopted you, and you are my son.”

Naturally, any youngster would find this difficult to accept, but his father was a straight shooter.


While Freddie’s parents showed him a lot of love and support, some were unkind to him because of his difficult start in life. “Kids used to harass me and call me names like ‘Dumpster baby,’ ‘Trash can guy,’ ‘Nobody wants you,’ ‘You’re disgusting,’” Freddie added. “I remember getting off the school bus and kids would just run up behind me and grab me and toss me in a garbage can and laugh at me,” he recalled.


Bullying like this may be devastating when you’re a kid, and it can lead to low self-esteem and trauma later in life. Freddie’s father tried all he could to assist his son get through this terrible moment in his life, including waiting at the bus stop so that his son would no longer be ridiculed. However, this backfired since the youngsters mocked Nathan, saying, “Ha ha, look at the old man with the cane.”


Freddie, on the other hand, would have a future that few could have foreseen. Freddie admitted to the BBC that he was “Computers have always piqued my interest. I’d always wanted a Gateway computer, but we couldn’t afford one at the time.”

When Freddie was nine years old, he finally got his hands on a used computer, which was broken, but he was eager to fix it. This is an almost hard assignment for a nine-year-old with no access to instructional videos and no prior computer knowledge. It took Freddie 50 tries and a lot of effort, but after he got the computer working again, he knew exactly what he wanted to accomplish with his life.

As Freddie approached puberty, his computer abilities offered him an advantage that no one else had, and at the age of 15, he chose to drop out of school and pursue a career in technology. Freddie demonstrated to his parents and himself that this was the right decision in the long run, despite his parents’ fears.

At the age of 21, Freddie became the youngest telecommunications operator in the United States in 2011. Figgers Communication, which he founded when he was just 15 years old, is still the sole black-owned telecommunications firm in the country.

According to the Washington Post, Freddie is the creator of Figgers Wireless, a privately held telecommunications firm valued more than $62 million after an appraisal in 2017.

In 2015, Freddie married Natlie Figgers, and the pair has a daughter named Rose. Even now, he is a loving son, husband, and successful businessman.



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