He Sold His Home To Pay For His Granddaughter’s Education, So Internet Strangers Bought Him A New One


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“Humans of Bombay” published a story in February 2021 about an auto rickshaw driver who sold his house to pay for his granddaughter’s schooling.

He now has a roof over his head thanks to the kindness and support of online strangers.


Desraj Ji claimed in an interview with Humans of Bombay (HOB) that the burden of providing for his grandkids and daughters-in-law gave him the fortitude to keep going despite losing both of his sons.

“My oldest son vanished from home six years ago; he departed for work as normal but never returned,” Desraj explained. A week later, his body was discovered.

He lost his other son two years later.


Desraj informed his granddaughter that she would be allowed to complete her studies if she questioned if she would have to drop out. He began working longer hours, starting at 6 a.m. and driving his auto rickshaw till midnight.

Desraj told that on most days, they don’t have something to eat.


When his granddaughter expressed an interest in attending a B.Ed programme in Delhi, Desraj realized he wouldn’t be able to pay it on his present income.


“But I had to make her dreams come true… no matter what it took. As a result, I sold our home and paid her a fee” he stated While Desraj stayed in Mumbai to work, his wife, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren stayed with a cousin in their hometown. He slept in his vehicle every night.


He was delighted to make the sacrifice for the sake of his granddaughter’s future.

“I can’t wait for her to start teaching so I can embrace her and tell her, “You’ve made me so proud.” Our family’s first graduate is going to be her” he stated.

Many people were moved by Desraj’s narrative on social media. Thousands of individuals contributed to an online campaign that raised a total of 24 Lahk ($32,000 USD) for him.

Desraj Ji now has a roof over his head and is able to educate his granddaughter thanks to your love and support, Humans of Bombay noted in an update.

“Thank you for reinforcing our trust in mankind and goodwill!”

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