Dwayne Johnson Shares Sweet Song During ‘Special Day’ With Mom At Grandparents’ Grave

In a touching tribute to his grandparents, Dwayne Johnson sat with his mother as she strummed the ukulele.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has always had a soothing vibe about him. I’m sure the individuals he’s struck with a chair in the WWE would disagree, but there’s something about his manner that millions of fans find immensely comforting when he’s not in the ring. He gets it from his mother, apparently.

The two of them recently confirmed their love charisma it ten-fold as they sat in a graveyard to remember their family in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Johnson’s mother, Ata Maivia Johnson, sat next to her son, strumming a famous Hawaiian melody on her ukulele.


“This is for you, Mommy and Daddy.” “And this is for those of you out there who have lost someone,” she said.

As she began to sing a pleasant melody, he complemented her, saying, “That’s wonderful of you mum.”

She sings the traditional Samoan song ” Savalivali,” which runs like this:

“Savalivali” means “go for a stroll,” “Tautalatala” means “too much chatter,” and “Alofa ia te oe” means “I love you.”

When the Rock interrupts her to say how much she misses her parents, she explains that she had their headstone etched with:

“The ukulele has gone, but your melody continues on. Because life isn’t eternal, but love is.”

Of course, this is the same grandfather that provided inspiration for The Rock’s character Maui in the Disney hit Moana. Fanene Leifi Pita Maivia (or Peter Maivia for short) was a major figure in Samoan culture as a professional wrestler, and he had tribal marks on him that suggested he was a High Chief. He regrettably died of cancer at the early age of 45. But, as this film shows, his legacy continues on in a big manner.

He captioned the beautiful video, “Got to spend such a great mother + son day this weekend with my mom @atajohnson at her parents & dad’s cemetery here in Hawaii.” “Life goes at such a quick pace that you realize how vital it is to take a break, sit here, remember, and listen to mom sing, play her ukulele, and tell all her stories.” I frequently use the term’mana’ to represent spiritual energy and strength, and the mana was very powerful today. Strong but not agitated. A little depressing at times, yet full of thankfulness and joy. When it comes to your loved ones who have passed away, I’m sure you understand what I’m talking about.

“It was a really amazing day. “Thankful son,” he concludes. “We both miss and adore you.”

It’s evident that The Rock, his mother, and his grandparents were all exceptional, loving people—and it’s a nice reminder to remember those who have passed away.

Source: darik.news

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