How One Simple Delivery Changed This 71-Yr-Old DoorDash Driver’s Life Forever


Anabelle Stephens, 21, unwittingly began a series of events that would permanently affect the life of a stranger when she bought dinner through DoorDash.

It all started when the elderly man bringing her meals was captured on her doorbell video. Despite the fact that he was plainly laboring, he managed to complete the task. Anabelle’s heart was broken.


“It made me so upset,” Anabelle said. “I knew I wouldn’t want to see my grandpa working if that was my grandfather.”

She gave him a $30 tip on a $21 order to assist him out, but that was only the beginning of her kindness.

Anabelle felt determined to exploit the exposure she had gained to earn money for this mysterious man after a TikTok she made of the delivery went viral. But first she had to track him down.


She attempted to call DoorDash in order to obtain his information. However, because the corporation is prohibited from disclosing personal information about its delivery drivers, they had to first approach him. Regrettably, he never responded.

screenshot of a doordash conversation between a woman named anabelle stephens and woman named angelica louise l where they're discussing annabelle getting in contact with her doordash driver, kerry judd

Despite this, Anabelle continued to maintain her TikTok account, and before she knew it, her initial video had amassed a whopping 12 million views! One of the delivery driver’s sons, though, was the person she needed to discover it the most.


“I’m attempting to schedule a meeting with Kerry!” Anabelle stated, “His son contacted out and said he’s a very private man.” “He’s worked his entire life and has been through a lot of difficulties.” I gave his son my phone information, and now I’m waiting for Kerry to call me so we can arrange a meeting and perhaps help this man retire!”

Finally, Anabelle learned the name of this wonderful man: Kerry Judd. And, despite his usual secrecy, she was given the opportunity to discover much more.

a seventy one year old man named kerry judd using his phone to deliver food through doordash as seen through the ring camera of a woman named anabelle stephens

Kerry, who is 71 years old, has never had the chance to slow down. His wife died in 2011, and he is responsible for his two boys. He works as a security guard as well as a DoorDash driver, but his income is inconsistent, and recent health difficulties have made things even more tough.

“With DoorDash’s base wage of $2.50 each delivery, it’s not easy,” Kerry added. “Because DoorDash fees are pricey, people don’t always tip.” “People don’t always tip because times are bad, and they can’t always go out, so they order DoorDash.”

Anabelle published Kerry’s tale on GoFundMe, where it slowly but steadily gained traction among a large number of individuals who were affected by Kerry’s plight.

screenshot of a text conversation between anabelle stephens and kerry judd where she has shared a screenshot of his gofundme where they've raised over $6,000 dollars

“It began off slowly,” she explained, “but once word got out, it simply exploded.”

Kerry’s tale was quickly picked up by news sources all around the world. And now, more than a month later, we’ve raised almost $107K!

Anabelle and Kerry have had the opportunity to meet in person over dinner since initiating this fundraising. She discovered that he’s “funny and nice,” and that the house she lives in was originally owned by a babysitter Kerry used to take his kids to many years ago.

a seventy one year old named kerry judd smiling and posing with a 21 year old woman named anabelle stephens outside in a restaurant parking lot

“I can’t begin to express my gratitude for the outpouring of support from around the world!” This is beyond words and beyond my wildest dreams!” Anabelle penned an essay. “This is a life-changing experience for Kerry, and it’s all thanks to you!!!”



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