Dentist Son Was Raised By Father Who Has Down Syndrome, Shows That Love Has No Limitations


Parents who offer a caring environment for their children provide the groundwork for a secure and prosperous future. But what influence would having a parent with Down Syndrome have on a child’s life?

Sader Issa, a young Syrian guy, was raised in a similar environment. He is immensely grateful for his father’s love and attention, since he suffers from this illness.


Sader grew up in a really happy environment. His father, Jad Issa, went out of his way to be the greatest father he could be to Sader. Despite the difficulties of their circumstances, the family learnt to function as a cohesive one.

To support his family, Jad works long hours at the local mill. Sader enjoys visiting his father at work on a daily basis. People who live and work with Jad provide him the respect and care that he deserves. Jad is well-known for his genuineness, compassion, and dedication. Sader is really proud of his father, who has always showed him a great deal of love and support throughout his life.

Jad is really proud of Sader and all of his achievements. Sader is pursuing his dream of becoming a dentist, which is a highly regarded profession in Syria. When Jad and Sader met someone new, Jad would immediately tell them about his son’s ambition to become a dentist. Knowing that he is his father’s pride and delight makes Sader very happy.


In a video broadcast by the Syrian Society for Social Development in 2019, Sader talked about growing up with a father who has Down Syndrome. He gave some background on his father’s situation:

“For 21 years, he was a parent, husband, and family leader. This is a difficult task for many individuals, and many people are unable to do it. But it was simple for my father.”


He then went on to describe his own upbringing as a kid of a parent with Down Syndrome. He stated:

“A kid who grows up in the arms of someone who has Down Syndrome will get all of the love and care that anyone can provide. This will result in a person who is emotionally and socially balanced and capable of doing everything he desires.”


He continued:


“If I had to select who my father is, I wouldn’t think of anybody else, and I’m just as proud of him as he is of me.”

Jad has been Sader’s strongest supporter in a variety of ways during his schooling, from financially to mentally, according to Sader. Knowing that his father went above and beyond to provide for him as a child has inspired Sader to do the same in return as a token of gratitude to both his father and mother.

He said that Sader’s parents are just like any other married pair. They may argue like any other couple, yet their relationship is “full of love, simplicity, and humility in all aspects.”

The proud son talked about how well-liked his father is in the neighborhood. According to Sader:

“The social ties are basic and pure because he loves everyone, and everyone loves and respects him and treats him as if he were an average person.”

Sader also expressed his gratitude to his grandma for giving birth to his father. The news that her kid has Down Syndrome isn’t always easy to hear for a mother. Children born with this illness have unique demands that necessitate particular attention. This is why Sader will be eternally grateful to his father’s mother for rising to the occasion. He understands that he and his father, Jad, would not be where they are now if it weren’t for her determination.

His desire to promote awareness that persons with Down Syndrome are capable of being parents and enjoying full lives is wonderful. Sader portrays himself as a “Down Syndrome advocate” on his Instagram feed, which has over 26,000 followers. He’s posted a lot of images of his beautiful family, as well as anecdotes about them. He uploaded a sweet snapshot of him and his father in a post dated March 21, 2021, and wrote:

“Our loved ones with DS are a source of inspiration and courage; when we are low, their love and compassion lift us to the highest sky. Personally, I believe that if I didn’t have my particular father, I would be considerably less thrilled about life and lot less passionate about what I do.”



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