KISS OF LIFE Incredible Moment Ultrasound Captures Twin Girls Sharing A ‘Kiss’ Inside The Womb Of Their 25-weeks Pregnant Mum


Carissa Gill was having her usual 25-week ultrasound when she noticed her twin daughters getting closer and closer before kissing on the lips.

These twins haven’t even been born yet, but they’re already displaying their closeness.


Identical twins Isabella and Callie were seen enjoying a passionate kiss in their mother’s womb during a 25-week scan.

Carissa Gill of Croydon, Pa., told, “It was just so amazing to see them like that.” “I didn’t expect them to be that close together, but they are, and it was just so wonderful to watch.”

Last Tuesday, Gill and her boyfriend Randy Good were having an ultrasound to check on their twin daughters when they noticed the kids moving about in her belly.


“It began out with ‘Baby B’ kissing ‘Baby A’ on the cheek, then they got closer, and finally they kissed on the mouth,” Gill explained. “It was just so lovely to see their mouths open and close.”

 The incredibly clear photo taken by Fetal Vision Imaging show the babies cuddling up inside the womb

Her physician advised her to drink water before the scan, but Good had not anticipated such a strong reaction from his daughters.


“His face just kind of fell,” Gill joked, “but he’s been silent from the minute he found out we were carrying twins.”

 This was the incredible 3D image captured during Carissa Gill's ultrasound appearing to show her twins kissing

Despite a difficult start to her pregnancy, Gill said it was all worth it to see her babies connect like way.


She explained, “My heart was just so full.” “It was a picture that would bring a grin to any new parent’s face.”



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