Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Gifts Old Friend Who Took Him In When He Was Homeless A $30k Truck


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the most well-known tough guys in Hollywood. He rose to prominence as a WWE professional wrestler and has spent the following two decades honing his acting skills. Johnson has established himself as a bona fide Hollywood legend, thanks to his appearances in “The Scorpion King” and the “Fast & Furious” trilogy, as well as more recent parts in “Moana” and the revamped “Jumanji” movie.

Onscreen, he’s known for his brawn, yet off-screen, he has the temperament of a teddy bear rather than an action hero. That may be seen in his numerous interviews, where his upbeat demeanor shows through, or on his social media, where he posts images of his gorgeous girls.


Johnson’s heart is once again large, as seen by a video post he published on Instagram in December 2020. Johnson is seen in it with an old buddy named Bruno Lauer, who took him home when he was 15 and had nowhere to go. Lauer even bought Johnson his first automobile, and it’s evident they’ve known one other for a long time based on how comfortable they are with each other.

The two recounted recollections about their initial years together in the video, and it’s evident that they both cherish those memories. Johnson wanted to surprise Lauer with a new automobile as a thank you for everything he had done for him during his life. It’s evident from Lauer’s expression and voice that he had no clue it would happen, and it’s incredible to see. His honesty and gratitude for Johnson are quite touching.

Johnson added some context to the video by captioning it with details about his adolescent circumstances. He expressed himself as follows:


“Despite the fact that my life (particularly my teenage years) had been full of the craziest twists and turns, God and the world had always found a way to place a few individuals in my path who would alter the course of the road I was on.”

“Meet Bruno Lauer, one of my longest pals.”


Johnson revealed in the description and video that he and his mother were evicted from Hawaii when he was 15 and he was moved to live with his father in Nashville. However, when he arrived, he discovered that he would not be living with his father. He went on to say:

“Instead, I announced that I would be living with a man named Bruno. Who was living in a teeny-tiny room at the Alamo Plaza motel at the time. Bruno could’ve (and should’ve) said no way, I’m not bringing in any random child. He, on the other hand, did not. We became lifelong buddies when he took this punk kid in.”


Johnson was even given $40 by Lauer to help him purchase his first automobile at the time. The two recalled the narrative in the video, which was obviously loaded with many memories, with a lot of laughter.

Their narrative, however, does not end there. Johnson had nowhere to reside again nine years later, when he was in his mid-20s and at the outset of his wrestling career in Memphis, Tennessee. That’s when Lauer invited him back inside his trailer in Walls, Mississippi, for a second time.

Since he wanted to do something for his old friend, Johnson demonstrated why he is recognized for being such a nice and caring guy. As a result, he took him to the set of “Young Rock,” a TV drama based on Johnson’s life. It was only natural to bring Lauer out since he was such an essential part of his life. Johnson then presented his acquaintance with his own automobile. In the caption of the video, he wrote:

“Bruno, I wish you a Merry Christmas. and because you assisted me in ‘purchasing’ my first automobile, I felt I’d return the favor by purchasing one for you… Brother, I adore you. Your warmth and compassion influenced the course of my life.”

When Lauer spotted the black Ford F150 vehicle, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He couldn’t say anything since he was so taken aback. Johnson hugged him tightly, and it was evident that the two men were close. Lauer burst into tears as he sat into the truck. “I’ll never forget this,” he remarked, adding, “I love you dude.” He was careful to emphasize out that he liked Johnson because of who he is, not because of the gift. That wasn’t all, though. In his caption, Johnson wrote:

“And when you’re ready to leave ‘the business,’ all you have to do is utter the word. I’ve taken care of you.”

“Enjoy your new motorcycle and send Walls, Mississippi my love and appreciation,” he wrote at the end of the touching message. Johnson has often demonstrated his concern for others, and his old pal Lauer is no exception.

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