This Is What Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, Brad And Angelina’s First Biological Child, Looks Like Today


Many times, we’ve seen how the onscreen chemistry between performers working side by side on a set has swiftly spilled over into their personal lives. Take, for example, the most renowned, now-ex-couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston when the two filmed Mr. and Mrs. Smith together in 2004, but that didn’t stop the Hollywood heartthrob from falling in love with sex queen Jolie, giving the world “Brangelina,” one of the most popular couples in the world.

“Because of the movie, we were thrown together to do all these insane things, and I think we discovered this bizarre connection and collaboration that simply happened.” ‘God, I can’t wait to get to work,’ I guess I realized after a few months. Whatever we did with each other, we found a lot of joy in it and a lot of true teamwork in it. In 2006, Jolie told People, “We simply kind of became a pair.”


Angelina’s three adopted children Maddox, Zahara, and Pax, as well as their three biological children Shiloh and twins Vivienne and Knox, have been together for 12 years.

The announcement of Jolie’s pregnancy sparked a media frenzy. The paparazzi trailed the pair everywhere they went, as the entire world awaited the birth of the couple’s first child. Magazines were willing to pay $1 million for an exclusive portrait of the youngster, who was already a celebrity before birth.

“Not since Jesus has a baby been so anxiously anticipated,” New York magazine remarked at the time.


Pitt and Jolie sold the portrait baby Shiloh, who was born on May 27, 2006, for a whopping $14 million, which they donated to UNICEF.


“While we rejoice in the birth of our daughter, we also recognize that 2 million babies in the poor world perish on their first day of life every year.” “These children can be saved,” the pair stated in a statement, “but only if governments around the world make it a priority.”

Shiloh, who will turn 16 soon, has been in the public eye for what seems like an eternity.


She appears to have acquired the best qualities from her renowned parents and is stunning. However, something about her, namely the way she looked, sparked a stir among fans. She even requested that her parents and siblings refer to her as John rather than her own name.

“She only wants to be called John,” Pitt’s father admitted to Oprah during an interview. It’s either John or Peter. It’s a Peter Pan thing, then. As a result, we’ll have to refer to her as John.” ‘Shi, do you want…’ he continued. ‘John,’ says the narrator. ‘My name is John.’ ‘John, would you want some orange juice?’ I’ll then ask. ‘No!’ she exclaims. So, you know, it’s just the kind of thing that parents find cute but that other people find obnoxious.”

“She wants to be a boy,” Jolie told Vanity Fair of her daughter’s desire to dress like a boy.


As a result, we had to cut her hair. She prefers to dress in boys’ clothes. She believes herself to be one of the brothers.”

Pitt and Jolie, on the other hand, did not appear to have an issue with it. They encouraged their daughter to be whoever she wanted to be.

Jolie admitted that it was difficult for her to stop calling daughter Shiloh because the name held so much meaning for her, but she respected the girl’s decision.

“My parents almost named their first child Shiloh Baptist, but there was a miscarriage.”

Because my father was filming in Georgia, and that was the most southern name [my parents] could think of,” Jolie explained of the name she gave her daughter at the time.

After the couple divorced, they devised custody arrangements that appear to be working well, allowing all of the children to spend time with both their mother and father. Pitt and Jolie are both loving parents who would go above and above for their children’s well-being.

“Brad is incredibly proud of Shiloh and who she has grown into. He admires her for always remaining loyal to herself and being so kind to her siblings and sisters, according to an ET source.

On International Women’s Day, Jolie, who is regarded as a feminist whom girls idolize, spoke about the importance of women, saying, “I have spent the last two months in and out of surgeries with my eldest daughter [Zahara], and just days ago watched her younger sister [Shiloh] go under the knife for hip surgery.” So, on this day, my wish is that we value girls. Take good care of them. And remember that the stronger they become, the healthier they will be, and the more they will be able to give back to their family and community.”

Shiloh stunned the world in 2021 when she attended the premiere of Marvel’s “Eternals” with her famous mother, Angelina Jolie, wearing the same Dior gown that Angelina wore at a press conference for a Maleficent: Mistress of Evil event in 2019. Shiloh’s hair had grown out of her bun and she looked stunning.

Shiloh wore a tiny black dress to the Rome premiere, which she teamed with yellow and black snickers.



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