An Adorable Orphan Baby Girl Is Adopted From China By An American Family—Her Transformation Is Amazing


This sweet Chinese baby girl was adopted by a loving family in the United States, and her metamorphosis has been amazing!

Becca and Dan, a couple from Ohio who already had two children, decided to expand their family to five in 2015.


The couple traveled to China to adopt Selah, a sweet 2-year-old daughter from the Guizhou Welfare Institute, after spending $30,000 in adoption fees.

Selah was found abandoned and sick outside a hospital when she was six months old.

Selah was quite bashful and couldn’t speak English when the new parents-to-be first met her.


However, after a few days, she began to pick up a few phrases, such as thank you, mummy, and daddy, and Becca and Dan returned her to the United States.

Now that she’s settled into her new life in the United States, the cute kid has taken up swimming, gymnastics, and ballet!


With her new family, she goes everywhere!


Becca and Dan said on their blog, Bringing Home a Blessing, that “Selah came to us as an ill, timid, fearful little girl and has evolved into a feisty, pleasant, talkative, active young girl who never stops talking.”


“We already have a strong bond with her. They went on to say, “She is extraordinarily brilliant, humorous, and loving.”

They went on to say that Selah enjoys “macaroni and cheese, animal crackers, waffles, ice cream, showing off her painted toes, sunglasses, her baby dolls, singing, laughing at her brothers, baths, the water table, swinging on the swing set, Calliou (ugh), and brushing her teeth.”

Selah’s new parents surprised her with the greatest third birthday celebration ever—they baked a cake with all three candles because they had missed her first two birthdays!

“We threw a “1, 2, 3″ birthday celebration to honor all three of her birthdays to make up for the first two birthdays we missed,” Becca and Dan wrote.

Her smile melts our hearts and she now appears to be really content. We are overjoyed to see her thriving in the United States!


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