Baby Born With Snow-white Hair Stuns Midwives Who ‘Take Him On A Tour’ Of Hospital

Archie Stone was born on October 6th, with thick snow-white hair.

Midwives were so taken aback by the cute baby’s odd locks that they took him on a tour of the hospital to show other doctors.

“He gets so much attention,” his 34-year-old mother Gemma from Wokingham, Berkshire, said. “The personnel at the hospital had never seen a newborn with that much hair and so blonde before. He went on a brief tour with the midwives, which was amusing.”

Archie’s hair, on the other hand, was nothing out of the norm, according to Gemma. This is due to the fact that both of her previous children (Kai, 10, and Lilly, four), were born with white hair.

Gemma claims she suffered from heartburn throughout all three pregnancies, implying that the old wives story regarding heartburn and hair may be true.

“Being the third of my children to be born with such white hair, I thought it was really amusing, and I joked that they were absorbing all of my bleach.”

“Both of my older children were born with a mop of hair on their heads.

“They say having a lot of hair causes heartburn; I’m not sure if that’s true, but I had a lot.” “I’m a mother of three,” she explained.

She also claims that others are now approaching her on the street to compliment on her newborn boy’s white and thick hair.

“On Sunday, we went out for breakfast as a family, and when I was feeding him, a number of people commented on how blonde he was.” she continued.

And, if young Archie is anything like his elder brothers, the spotlight isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. He appears to be destined to preserve his gorgeous snow-white hair as a baby boy.

“Archie’s is curly, but the other two aren’t,” Gemma said. Their hair is still quite golden. “All I want is that he preserve his curls.”

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