Parents Take Photos of Premature Baby’s First Hug to Twin Brother Since Being Separated at Birth


For health reasons, a preterm twin, born considerably smaller than her sibling, was separated from him at birth. The twins were reunited after successful treatment, and their parents captured wonderful photographs of them cuddling for the first time.

Laura Hough and Chris Carey of Walton, in the north of England, were informed their newborn Neve might not live. The placenta was starting to deteriorate. Neve had poor blood circulation and was not obtaining enough nutrients while still in the uterus because she was tiny.


Laura began going to the doctor twice a week.

Laura, 27, told the Liverpool Echo newspaper, “They wanted [Neve] to be born at 28 weeks, so they were monitoring her blood flow, and since everything was stable, they postponed the birth until 30 weeks.”

Louie, Neve’s twin brother, grew up in a different bag. Laura was sent to Liverpool Women’s Hospital for an emergency Caesarean Section delivery on March 8 due to the risks posed to his sister’s survival. Louie’s development was normal.


When Louie was born, he weighed 1.45 kg. Despite the fact that Neve weighed only 652 grams, she managed to complete the task without difficulty and without the use of an oxygen supply. “She’s the size of a newborn doll, but she’s doing so great,” Laura remarked.

Surprisingly, her twin brother was the one who needed medical help.


“It was Louie,” the mother stated, “his lungs both collapsed because he had air in them.” As a result, he needed treatment to remove the air from his lungs.

The twins were separated by the doctors in order for Louie to receive emergency treatment. The babies were not brought together and placed side by side in the same incubator until two weeks later, despite the fact that their sizes were still drastically different.


Neve and Louie are affectionately caressing each other’s arms and legs, kissing, and shaking hands in photos captured by their new parents. The father posted the touching reunion images to a Facebook group page, and they quickly went viral.
Louie and Neve have reunited.

“It was dreadful when they were separated at birth,” Laura told the BBC, “but I shed tears of pleasure when they found each other.” The babies are expected to arrive in May, according to the new parents and their extended family.

Laura said her physicians had never seen a baby like Neve before — she was so small yet so robust that she didn’t require medical help. “They said [the twins] will be missed when they leave,” she continued, “because they need more little fighters like them to keep inspiring them in their work.”

Laura and Chris, as well as their twins Louie and Neve, are to be congratulated!


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