Young Pilot Gave A Heartwarming Surprise To His Parents After 17 Years Not Celebrating Christmas Together

It’s a rewarding experience to spend the holiday season with your family. However, due to numerous factors such as working abroad, not everyone can spend the major holidays with their loved ones.

Because his parents are working in Bermuda, Juan Paulo Fermin, a young pilot with Philippine Airlines, has not spent Christmas with them in 17 years.

Juan recently released a touching and viral video on Facebook, showing him personally bringing his parents home for Christmas and surprising them with a pleasant surprise during the flight.

Juan had always wanted to be a pilot, and owing to his parents, who spent virtually their entire lives in Bermuda, he was able to fulfill his childhood goal.

Even though his parents visit every three years, they have not spent Christmas together in 17 years, so when Juan learned that his parents had chosen to fly on his airline to return home, he jumped at the chance to go on the same plane as his parents.

Juan was able to alter his schedules with his understanding coworker, allowing him to stay in the cockpit on his parents’ flight. He was the flight’s co-pilot.

“I was nervous, eager, and joyful while walking to meet them,” Juan wrote. Surprises aren’t my strong suit.”

Juan is seen walking towards his parents’ seats with a bouquet of red flowers at his back in the heartwarming footage.

His mother then recognized him and exclaimed, “Anak!” in Filipino, which means “son” or “kid.”

The family hugged for a long period as soon as Juan arrived at their seats.

Juan wrote that when he was eight years old, his mother had to leave him to marry his stepfather.

They previously resided in Bermuda, and his parents last visited the United States five years ago.

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