Gymnast Who Gained Fame For Michael Jackson Moves Awarded Highest Ranking For Her Next Routine


Do you enjoy watching Olympic gymnastics? Then you’ve probably heard of Katelyn Ohashi, a gymnast.

Ohashi spent four years as a member of USA Gymnastics’ junior national squad. Ohashi even won the American Cup in 2013, defeating Simone Biles.


Ohashi retired from Olympic gymnastics when Biles became a four-time Olympic champion. While the awards were fantastic, the experience was disastrous.

Ohashi dropped out of the Olympics because she was “broken.” She wasn’t the same girl she was when she initially fell in love with gymnastics.

Ohashi was constantly concerned and anxious now that she was a seasoned Olympic gymnast. She didn’t smile much and rarely ate because she was always pushing herself to do too much exercise.


Even worse, Ohashi had to participate while suffering from two torn shoulders and a damaged back.

Ohashi was the epitome of a “broken” person, both physically and emotionally, and she had no choice but to flee.


The hardest thing Ohashi had to do was give up gymnastics, but that was exactly what she needed to do if she ever wanted to recover.


While Ohashi intended to rest and recover, she still hoped to compete in college.


Ohashi’s exercises are just as forceful now that he’s enrolled at UCLA. In fact, one particular performance has gone viral and is making the rounds on the Internet.

Ohashi filled her routine full of insanely tough moves that really showcased her extraordinary talent and physical capabilities while performing to a medley of Michael Jackson’s hits.

Ohashi’s effervescent enthusiasm is perhaps more viral than her gymnastics abilities, which have spread all across the world. She now appears to be completely content. She is also receiving the love and support she so desperately desired, rather than the harsh criticism that all Olympic athletes are subjected to.

Ohashi’s video became viral after the UCLA gymnastics team released it on the internet. It has approximately 100 million views and has been liked over 750,000 times.

Many people remarked on how powerful Ohashi’s techniques are, as well as how happy she appears to be.


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