Prince William And Kate Middleton Limit Children’s Screen Time And Read Stories Before Bed


It might be difficult to get children ready for bed. Every parent has probably had some difficulties when it comes to tucking their children in for the night, since many children might be restless, antsy, or simply insist on not being exhausted yet. However, ensuring that children receive a decent night’s sleep is critical for their development, as well as a pleasant method for parents to obtain some peace and quiet.

However, even the royal family has learned that this endeavor is sometimes easier said than done. Prince William and Kate Middleton work hard to ensure that their three children have a consistent bedtime routine. Their children are all under the age of ten at the moment: Prince George is eight, Charlotte is six, and Louis is three.


Raising children of this age might be difficult, but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have Maria Borrallo, their children’s nanny, to assist them. She began working for the family in 2014 to assist with George’s care, and she has remained a vital part of all three children’s lives since then.

Borrallo’s many responsibilities include ensuring that the children go to bed at the appropriate time. Bedtime, on the other hand, does not have to be a chore. The Cambridge kids are recognized for their passion for the arts and entertainment, but they also appreciate a good old-fashioned bedtime story. Continue reading to learn how the Cambridge family ensures that their children have a comfortable sleep routine, which also happens to be cute.

With the help of Borrallo, William and Kate have been able to establish a great nighttime routine for their children, ensuring that they get the rest they require. Borrallo began working for the family in 2014, caring for George, who was then eight months old, according to Town & Country.


Borrallo attended Norland College in the United Kingdom, which is regarded for producing some of the top caretakers in the country. According to Town & Country, the nannies at Norland receive cooking, sewing, self-defense, and first-aid training in addition to typical childcare skills.

Borrallo, a Spaniard by birth, is also teaching the kids Spanish. According to PEOPLE, George has a basic understanding of the language, and Charlotte began learning it in 2017. Borrallo, more crucially, allows the children to be children.


According to Town & Country, she’s the one who took some of the adorable photos of the kids, including one of George peeking out a window at a parade in 2015.

Borrallo, on the other hand, is firm when necessary, ensuring that the children adhere to a nightly regimen. The nanny, according to Cambridge News, ensures that all of the royal children are in bed by 7 p.m. They are also allowed a certain amount of screen time, which is strictly controlled by their parents.


However, William agreed that finding a decent balance might be “very challenging” at times. He also discussed how parents will have to shift to new ways of adapting to a digitally advanced environment while still ensuring their children’s engagement.

“This generation will be the first to grow up totally immersed in mobile phones, social media, and a variety of other technologies,” William predicted. “However, our generation, the older generation, the parent generation, is absolutely at a loss for what to do.’ Where are we going? Where do you get information on how to protect your children’s digital lives?’

Despite their regularity, George, Charlotte, and Louis like their nocturnal routine, which frequently includes a bedtime tale. According to Tatler, the Cambridge children adore being read to before going to bed, and their eldest son is no exception.

William recalls meeting Julia Donaldson, the author of “Room On The Broom,” and how much it meant to him because the book is one of his children’s favorites. According to Hello! Magazine, he said, “I read this to our children all the time.”

“Do you understand how many parents you have rescued at bedtime?” he asked Donaldson when they first met.

William also has a few additional suggestions for parents looking for a decent night story for their children to read. “David Walliams also writes good children’s novels – for slightly older youngsters, I believe,” the Duke of Cambridge observed. “I read one and thought it was fantastic.”

It’s comforting for parents to know that even the royal family has trouble encouraging their children to restrict their screen usage and instead read a good bedtime tale. However, with the perfect reading, children may find it simpler to drop off to sleep.


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