As Royals, Prince George & Princess Charlotte Use Different Names While Attending School


The royal family’s fans appear to know a lot about their lives, but does this include their education? Over the years, a lengthy and varied history of tutors and colleges have contributed to the royal family’s education. Children in the royal family have gotten private lessons from tutors for hundreds of years, but they did not begin attending both public and private schools until recently.

Queen Elizabeth II was the last monarch to acquire her education from a private tutor rather than from a traditional institution. Prince Charles, her son, was the first heir to the throne to graduate from university. He went to the Scottish public school Gordonstoun from the age of 13, when he became the first heir to the throne to take public exams. The Prince of Wales went on to Trinity College in Cambridge, where he earned his bachelor’s degree.


Instead than depending on private tutors, Prince William followed in his father’s traditions and attended traditional schools. He graduated from Eton College with A-levels in geography, biology, and art history. After that, William took a gap year before enrolling at the University of St. Andrews. Prince Harry attended Eton as well, but elected not to continue his education at university.

The children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are now starting school, which is an exciting moment in their busy, young lives. While Prince Louis is still in preschool, Prince George and Princess Charlotte attend Thomas’s Battersea together. Continue reading to learn more about the royal family’s schooling.

Professor Kate Williams, author of “Young Elizabeth,” offered some fascinating information about the Queen’s scholastic background. “The Queen’s father despised school, and her mother believed it was more vital to have fun,” Williams told Good Housekeeping.


“Unlike her father, the Queen was and is exceptionally clever, with a voracious thirst for learning and a razor-sharp memory,” the professor continued. She wasn’t harmed by her lack of formal education since she’s naturally analytical and self-taught, as well as hardworking – which we now know is just as crucial as raw brain talent.”

Elizabeth used to have a tutor from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m. when she was younger. This was when she began her classes, and after that, she spent her time doing outdoor activities, dancing, and singing. She also had a one-and-a-half-hour rest period in the middle of the day.


The Queen is reported to have always loved horses and has done so since she was a youngster. One of her favorite pastimes was horseback riding and caring for animals, according to reports. The Queen began breeding thoroughbreds for horse racing as an adult.


When her uncle Edward VIII abdicated and it became clear that she would one day be queen, Elizabeth began taking individual lessons from Henry Marten, the vice provost of Eton. Apart than that, she is claimed to have gotten no official education. Her children, on the other hand, went to school, with Prince Charles following in his father’s footsteps at Gordonstoun.


Prince George and Princess Charlotte have been enrolled at Thomas’s Battersea, where they will go together now that they are old enough to attend school. “(Charlotte) can’t wait to go to big school with George.” “She’s ecstatic with everything,” a source told People in 2019. “They are of similar ages and spend a lot of time together. Playdates (with strangers) can be challenging, so they learn to rely on one another.”

“A big, busy, sometimes chaotic school for cosmopolitan parents who want their children to have the greatest English education money can buy,” People said of Thomas’s Battersea. That’s what they want, and it’s what they get to a considerable extent.” The annual tuition is stated to be $23,000.

The curriculum of the institution is extremely thorough. The school’s website explains what students may expect in year 2, which Prince George attended in 2019. “In Year 2, the children are expected to become more responsible; this may begin with the youngsters keeping track of their own assignments in their diaries. This growing independence makes the transition to Prep School much easier.”

Willcocks Nursery School, where Charlotte attended to preschool, is where Prince Louis is now. The boy began when he was three years old, and when he is old enough, he will most certainly attend Thomas’s Battersea as well.

Because of their father’s title, all of the children have the surname Cambridge. As a result, they are referred to as George Cambridge, Charlotte Cambridge, and Louis Cambridge at school. William and Harry used the surname Wales when they were in school in the service. Mountbatten-Windsor is another surname used by the royal family.


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