Audience Laughs at Farmer When She Gets on Stage Only To Be Mind Blown By Her Voice

People have a nasty habit of assessing others based on how they appear rather than who they are. The audience on a recent episode of “The X Factor” felt one of the farmers would be a bad singer because of her appearance.

The judges and audience members were completely taken aback as she began to sing.

Jacqueline Faye is a 53-year-old Englishwoman from Oxfordshire. Her devoted spouse and she spend the majority of their time caring for livestock. Jacqueline recently gained notoriety for her outstanding rendition of Cilla Black’s “You’re My World.”

Jacqueline appeared shy and nervous when she took the stage. Everyone was taken aback when she started singing. She did, however, speak with the judges about her life before beginning to sing.

She resides on a farm with horses, ducks, and hens. Her song was dedicated to her hubby. Several of the judges laughed when Jacqueline spoke about her farming background. Jacqueline, it turns out, would get the last laugh.

A Farmer Turns Into a Legend

Jacqueline had stunned the audience in a matter of seconds. She gave an incredible performance that left everyone speechless. The entire audience was beaming by the end of her incredible performance.

Despite his reputation for being harsh, Simon Cowell couldn’t find anything negative to say about Jacqueline’s performance. He assumed Jacqueline had stumbled into the wrong concert when she first went onto the stage.

He knew how fantastic she was as soon as she started singing. Louis Tomlinson chimed in to compliment her on her outstanding performance.

If Jacqueline chose to leave farming, she could have a successful music career based on her performance.

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