This Is Why You Should NEVER Give Your Baby Kisses On The Mouth


This is why giving your newborn kisses on the lips is never a good idea.

When will you complete if you start once?


Because it starts working at a young age, parents kissing their children on the mouth might impact a child’s sexual perception. Between the ages of 4 and 6, children begin to become aware of their gender, and as a result, parents should avoid developing ambiguous emotional relationships.

Experts agree that parents should not allow their children to receive any form of emotional expression that might create discomfort or misunderstanding in the future, regardless of their age.

Divergent viewpoints


Other experts on the matter, on the other hand, have contested the notion that kisses on the lips between parents and children cannot be misconstrued and are just a show of parental affection. In other ways, they refute the idea that “a mere kiss on the lips” might cause youngsters to be confused about their relationship with their parents.

While it’s true that kissing their children’s mouths has become a regular activity for millions of parents, it’s absurd to believe that this may have an impact on their young children’s mental wellbeing. For many others, though, this remains a question. if this habit is appropriate or harmful.


6 healthy ways to show your children that you care

Now, dear reader, now that we’ve seen some of the reasons why it’s regarded good or inappropriate for parents and children to kiss on the lips, it’s vital for you to know that there are many other, simple methods to display motherly or fatherly affection. To do so, I’ve included six techniques to make them feel loved below.

1. Give them a kiss on the cheeks and forehead.


If you don’t know how to properly kiss a baby on the mouth, don’t panic; there are kisses on the cheeks and forehead to compensate.


2. Give them a hug

Hugging your children when they get up and when they go to bed is without a doubt one of the healthiest and most comfortable forms of affection you can give them. Don’t be afraid to embrace them; it will make them happier and more self-assured.

3. Express your affection for them.

You should always remind your children how much you love them, no matter how monotonous it is. Use every day of your life to make them feel appreciated, whether in secret or in public.

4. Always be there for them.

Even if they are young and you believe they have no ambitions or desires, show them how much you love them by supporting and understanding them at every stage of their lives. their way of life

5. Write letters to them

When it comes to parenting and motherly love, letters will never go out of vogue. As a result, don’t be afraid to tell your children how much they mean to you in a letter. They will, without a doubt, thank you.

6. Have fun with them

Finally, you can be sure that the finest method to demonstrate your love is to play with your children and give them your full attention. This simple yet significant deed will undoubtedly make an unforgettable imprint on their hearts.


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