Homeless Man Returns Diamond Ring That Was Given To Him By Mistake, Is Praised By Thousands


Billy Ray Harris had no idea how one nice deed may transform his life.

When a woman slipped her diamond engagement ring into a homeless guy’s cup while offering him extra cash, the homeless man promptly returned it to her.


Her ring was misplaced.

Sarah Darling, a yoga instructor from Kansas City, Missouri, chose to give all of the cash she had in her coin purse to a homeless guy holding a cup out for spare change. She dumped the coin purse into the man’s cup, forgetting that she had previously removed her cherished engagement ring from her finger since it was causing a rash and placed it in the purse.

Sarah didn’t notice she couldn’t find her ring until the next day.


She attempted to think of a possible location and remembered that she had given a homeless guy some coins from her handbag. She decided to track down the homeless man to see whether she had accidentally put the ring in his cup.

She returned to the location where she had seen him, but he was vanished. She returned the next day to find him seated on the ground once more.


“I inquired of him… ‘I’m not sure whether you remember me, but I believe I gave you something really valuable to me,” Sarah explained.

“Was that a ring?” says the narrator. “I have it,” the homeless guy said, “I kept it for you.”


He removed the diamond ring from his pocket and presented it to her.

Sarah was awestruck by this man’s candor and was thankful beyond words. Billy Ray Harris, a homeless guy, had noticed the ring in his cup three days before and was startled to locate it. He wasn’t sure whether it was genuine, if it had been handed to him by mistake, or if it was a mistake, so he took it to a local jeweler to see what it was worth.

The jeweler said it was a genuine diamond ring and offered him $4,000 on the spot to buy it. While that was a substantial sum of money to Billy, he reasoned that because it was genuine, it must be of great importance to someone, so rather than accepting it, he opted to keep it and wait for someone to come looking for it.

Bill Krejci, her fiance, set up a fundraising website to assist Harris be rewarded for his honesty, and funds began pouring in from all over the world.

The former beggar has already put down a deposit on a home that he intends to refurbish himself, as well as established a trust to manage his funds. He also purchased a Volkswagen Beetle.

Harris has become a small celebrity after sharing his experience with the couple on the Today show.

He now has a house, a job, and was reunited with his family after 16 years on Sunday. Harris has stayed in touch with the couple that aided him.



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