Man Marries Sweetheart Just Because Of His Promise At The Age Of 3


At the early age of three, Matt Grodsky discovered his true love and was certain of his affections for Laura Scheel.
In Phoenix, Arizona, the pair went to preschool. Grodsky’s passion for Laura was obvious from the start, and he couldn’t stop chasing her.

Grodsky wrote about his thoughts on the Instagram account “The Way We Met,” saying, “I was fascinated with Laura as a youngster, and I still am to this day.”


The man also revealed how he tried to catch her attention by reciting lyrics from “The Lion King,” a popular movie at the time they were in preschool. Meanwhile, Laura reminisced about how the Matt she recalled from preschool was a complete nut.

Scheel began returning his affections for her after seeing how charmed Grodsky was with her. Outside of school, the young pair spent a lot of time together, going on play dates, picnics, and movie dates with their parents’ permission.

They went to separate elementary schools as they grew older and lost touch. Their only form of communication at the time was through the yearly Christmas cards they sent with their family.


The pair even attended different high schools, but in the fall of their freshman year, something unexpected happened. When Scheel was browsing through her friend’s phone, she came across Grodsky’s name by chance.

Scheel eventually realized that her buddy had known Grodsky since middle school. It was because to this buddy that the two long-lost sweethearts were reunited. However, after high school, they attended colleges in two separate states. “Right after we graduated from high school, we were really reluctant,” Scheel added. ‘Do we stay together?’ we wondered. ‘Should we make an effort to make it work?’


Fortunately, Scheel and Grodsky were able to make it work, despite Scheel’s acceptance to Northern Arizona University and Grodsky’s acceptance to Columbia College Chicago. Grodsky understood exactly what he needed to accomplish once they graduated from college.

Grodsky paid Scheel a surprise visit to their preschool on May 23, 2015, just as the two were set to start their senior year.


“The whole car ride to the preschool she kept asking me why I appeared worried,” Grodsky said, revealing further details about the romantic proposal. When she wasn’t looking, I kept checking my pocket to make sure the ring was still there.”

Grodsky even requested his brother to accompany him to the proposal and photograph it. After that, he got down on one knee and asked the big question, to which he received a resounding “yes.”

After a 20-year wait, the preschool loves finally married on December 30, 2016. Scheel’s uncle conducted the ceremony and gave his thoughts on the couple’s happy union: “For most kids in preschool, it’s about finding food and sleeping mats, but for them, it was about meeting their soulmates.”

Scheel and Grodsky have shown the world that soulmates really exist, and that finding them is the most beautiful experience a person can have.



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