No One Came To Student’s Graduation—So His Teacher Took Him Out To Dinner And Bought Him A Car


Every student looks forward to graduation day. It’s the icing on the cake of one’s success, the formal conclusion of a major stage in the educational process, a watershed moment in one’s life. As a result, we all wish to enjoy this memorable occasion with our loved ones.

One Alabama adolescent, however, was not so fortunate.


Dominique Moore, a Bessemer City High School teacher and graduation organizer, was cleaning up after the ceremony in mid-June when he saw one of his pupils.

After everyone else had departed, the student was sitting alone. Moore claimed he sensed something was wrong since he knew his pupil well. When he inquired about his family or friends, the youngster simply replied, “Nobody’s here.”

Moore left after assuring his pupil that everything will be OK since he expected tremendous things from him. However, when he returned later, he discovered that no one had arrived to take up the youngster, as he had expected.


He volunteered to drive the student. He inquired whether he was hungry in the car, and the adolescent advised eating wings from a popular restaurant. Moore, on the other hand, desired to visit a specific location.

The child recommended the Cheesecake Factory, which he had never visited before. The adolescent ate a shrimp basket with fries and Oreo cheesecake while wearing his graduation hat.


Moore, a Bessemer City High School alumni, attempted not to be too emotional throughout the lunch, didn’t ask any questions, and wanted to make the youngster feel valued for his achievements:

“I can’t picture graduating from high school without my parents present.” At the time, all I wanted to do was congratulate him. It was a fantastic experience.”


Despite this, he acknowledged to holding back tears at lunch. The youngster landed a job at Amazon just hours after graduation. Moore took him there because he didn’t have a way to get to his new job.

At the conclusion of the day, on June 18, Moore did something he had never done before: he shared the tale on Facebook:

“These are typical occurrences for me, and I deal with them on my own.” When you do anything, you don’t necessarily have to show or tell everyone, but this one didn’t set right with me. I’m not sure what that was.”


In case anyone wanted to aid the youngster, he included his Cash App account — $mooredaeducator — in the message.

As of June 19, more than $5,000 had been given.

Moore accompanied the youngster to a bank after work to create a checking account. They placed the majority of the money into a cashier’s check until they can locate the teen dependable transportation.

Moore hopes that the youngster will be able to save enough money to go to college in the future.

Moore remarked nine days after he launched the fundraiser:

“It’s astounding to me that so many people have blessed him in this way.” He has gotten a large sum of money, which he has given to a financial counselor.

He’s overjoyed. ‘No, you will not cry in front of me,’ I responded as he was about to cry.

They are both appreciative for other people’s charity, and this virtuous instructor concluded that, “although we have evil, it indicates that mankind is wonderful in this moment.”

What a fantastic story!

Congratulations, young man!

More people like you, Mr. Moore, are needed in the world!


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