Keanu Reeves Does Not Wear Designer Clothes Or Live In A Mansion, But He Donates His Money To The Needy


Keanu Reeves, 57, is regarded as one of Hollywood’s finest gentlemen. Aside from being a movie star, he’s also been known as “the internet’s boyfriend” in recent years owing to how much netizens like him. Fans like Reeves for a variety of reasons, from his status as a bona fide action hero whose résumé includes “The Matrix” and “John Wick,” among other important films, to his role as the face of several viral memes. Reeves is unquestionably one of Hollywood’s most popular performers and an online celebrity.

However, there are plenty additional examples that demonstrate why Reeves is seen as such a funny guy. There’s the time he gave up his metro seat for a stranger, as well as the many encounters he’s had with homeless individuals on the streets, whether contributing to them or listening to their stories. There are also his numerous charitable contributions and his sharing of his fortune with the cast and crew of “The Matrix.”


He even rewarded each member of his stunt squad from the newest “John Wick” film with a fresh new Rolex watch as a thank you gift, it was revealed only last week. Following the completion of filming in Paris, the actor gave each of his stunt squad members a Rolex 2020 Submariner watch with a unique inscription inscribed on the back. He also obtained one for himself that was identical to the others, making the item more than simply a present but a shared memento from their time on set.

Let’s look at the numerous reasons why Reeves is possibly the most modest star in Hollywood in recognition of his kind and altruistic attitude.

Since his arrival in Hollywood, one component of Reeves’ attraction has been constant: his attire. Reeves has become recognized for wearing a pretty practical uniform consisting of blue jeans, a plain jacket, and enormous beat-up boots, rather than spending hundreds of dollars on expensive duds. Reeves’ clothing selections may appear minor, yet they may be understood as a physical expression of how he perceives himself — just like any other regular person. He doesn’t require dazzling clothes, expensive automobiles, or even opulent residences since he understands that material stuff aren’t the key to happiness.


However, when it comes to tangible possessions, he knows how to spend his money in a way that makes others happy. Reeves has a habit of lavishing gifts on the people with whom he collaborates on films. As previously announced, he donated four Rolex watches to his stunt squad from “John Wick: Chapter 4” last week. One of the stunt team members, Jeremy Marinas, shared a photo on social media of the personalized inscription etched on the back of his watch. According to TMZ, it said:

“The Five John Wicks


Thank you, Jeremy.



2021 JW4”

What a thoughtful and sophisticated present. But that wasn’t the first time Reeves lavished extra attention on his film crew. According to an interview with “John Wick” director Chad Stahelski, once one of “The Matrix” movies was completed filming, he gave each of his 12-person stunt squad a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Furthermore, after one of the franchise’s sequels completed, the actor presented each member of the film crew, who numbered roughly 800 people, with a bottle of champagne.

Because Reeves understands that money isn’t everything in life, he isn’t scared to give it away. According to a Wall Street Journal story cited by ABC News, Reeves donated a considerable portion of his “The Matrix” movie proceeds — thought to be $75 million — to the visual effects and costume design teams. According to the publication, a movie executive said:

“He believed they were the ones who created the film and that they should be included.”

But it isn’t simply those he knows that he treats with kindness. On several instances, the actor has been spotted contributing to homeless persons on the street. In one notable occasion in 1997, Reeves sat down next to a homeless man, shared beverages and food with him, and lay on his back while the man told him stories. It may appear to be a publicity gimmick, but he was discovered by chance by a pair of paparazzi.

Furthermore, Reeves is well-known for generously supporting humanitarian initiatives, particularly those that help children with cancer. In a 2009 interview with Ladies Home Journal, he disclosed that he had a private foundation that “assists a couple of children’s hospitals and cancer research.” “I don’t like to put my name on anything; I simply let the foundation do what it does,” he continued.

After his younger sister Kim was diagnosed with Leukemia in 1991, he appears to have a personal connection to the cause. She went into remission in 1999 after a nearly decade-long battle with cancer.

There are several additional examples of how Reeves has shown to be one of the most kind individuals in the entertainment industry, and we’re confident this isn’t the last time we hear about his good actions.



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