Tom Hanks’ Son Reveals A Rare Picture Of The Daughter Who ‘Saved His Life’ And The Support Of His Parents


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are a well-known Hollywood power couple, and their long-term relationship has always looked to be rock strong. They’ve been a staple in the entertainment business for decades, not just for their individual work as accomplished actors and directors, but also for their fantastic love story, which seems like it came directly out of a Hollywood film.

Both show industry veterans, the couple has four children together, including two boys — Chet Hanks and Truman Hanks — and two daughters — Colin Hanks and Elizabeth Hanks — from a prior relationship. Colin and Chet, two of their four offspring, have also followed in their renowned parents’ footsteps into show business.


Chet is recognized for both his acting and his music career, where he raps as Chet Hanx. Chet, who is now 31 years old, has been candid about his personal issues, including addiction. In fact, he’s honest about how his daughter Michaiah assisted him in becoming clean and turning his life around. Michaiah is multiracial, with Tiffany Miles, Chet’s ex-girlfriend, as her mother.

Chet’s parents, in reality, are not only grandparents to his daughter, but they also have three grandkids in all, and they seem to enjoy the job. The pair, who call themselves the “coolest grandparents,” joke that they know their grandchildren don’t feel the same way.

Chet came up about his drug difficulties and how his daughter saved his life in a video interview with Entertainment Tonight from 2018. He also discussed his parents’ treatment to Michaiah.


Tom Hanks, 65, and Rita Wilson, 64, have been married since 1988, and they just celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary in April. The pair has been upfront about what makes their long-running relationship work, and they are recognized for their exceptionally solid marriage.

According to PEOPLE, Wilson claimed on Kelly Clarkson’s daytime talk program in April 2020 that Tom’s outspoken demeanor was “one of the reasons, when we met, that we just got along instantaneously.” She went on to say that she “love[s] a good storyteller,” and Tom is one of them. Colin and Chet Hanks are part of the couple’s mixed family of four amazing children.


Colin has two daughters, Olivia and Charlotte, from his first marriage, while Chet has a daughter, Michaiah, from his second marriage. “I believe they simply put up with us,” Tom remarked in the same interview with ET, despite the fact that they call themselves the “coolest grandparents.” “Sometimes they just stare at us like, ‘what?’” Wilson continued.


Apart from the obvious affection that the three grandkids in the Hank family tree have for their parents and grandparents, Michaiah, Chet’s 5-year-old daughter, is also responsible for saving her father’s life. Chet was a transformed guy when he found out he was going to be a father after suffering with cocaine addiction. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in 2018, he said:


“I’m not sure whether I would’ve made the required changes, but she saved my life, and she’ll know it when she’s older.”

Chet talks about the music he produces with his band FTRZ and how being upfront about his battles with addiction and becoming clean is crucial to their message in the poignant video interview. He reveals that he knew he needed to be clean for a time but struggled to make the necessary changes to go on in his life. Michaiah, thankfully, came along and proved to be the perfect motivator for him to clean up his behavior. In the interview, he says:

“I’m not sure whether I would have [decided to become sober] if my daughter hadn’t been born. If I hadn’t taken that decision, I may easily be dead or in prison right now.”

He believes that speaking openly about his addiction difficulties might help others on their own journeys, which he describes as the “most satisfying and joyful” aspect of his music-making.

He also said that his parents were “very blessed” to have been so supportive of him while he became sober. On a brighter side, he stated that they adore Michaiah and enjoy being grandparents to him. Chet enjoys the fact that his daughter will have the same relationship with his parents as he did with his grandparents. He further stated that the renowned couple “always” offers to babysit.

His kid, on the other hand, is missing one thing: her own toy of Woody from “Toy Story,” whom Tom memorably voiced. Chet emphasized that it had to happen as soon as he recognized it. We couldn’t be more in agreement!



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