12-year-old Boy Gets Adopted By His Best Friend’s Family

According to recent data from the Children’s Bureau, there are around 424,000 children in foster care across the country. Only in Tennessee, almost 8,000 children are waiting to be reunited with their family or to find a forever home with people who would love them completely. The sad reality is that there are fewer than 4,000 foster families in this state.

Andrew, a 12-year-old from Nashville, was one of those youngsters who ended up in the system until recently. This charming young man spent the better part of his life moving from one household to the other. That all changed when he was adopted by the Gills, a particular foster family.

Kevin and Dominique Gill have a son on their own, Joc, who struck up an instant friendship with Andrew. The boys like spending time together. They spend their time playing games, going for walks, and doing other enjoyable activities. Kevin and Dominique decided to file adoption papers to keep the boys as best friends forever after realizing how close they had become.

Andrew had no idea he was about to become a full-fledged Gill family member. He was walking across the park with Molly Parker, a Youth Villages volunteer, when he received word that his foster parents were adopting him.

Andrew explained, “I just turned around the corner and saw everybody.” “They asked whether I would do it, and I said yes!”

Source: boreddaddy.com

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