Born With HEART-shaped Birthmark On Forehead, This Baby Became “Superstar” In Delivery Room


When their kid was born with a red stain on his forehead, a parents from Ankara, Turkey, couldn’t believe their eyes.

Even the nurses snapped photos with the baby in the delivery room since he was such a celebrity.


Çınar, who is 14 months old, is the family’s first kid to be marked with the unique love heart.

Murat Engin, 30, and Ceyda, 28, his parents, claimed he has a lot of followers who want to stop and take pictures with this ‘love baby.’

“We love him and his birthmark,” Murat remarked.


“After a nurse washed the bloods on his head, I was the first to notice the birthmark on his head,” he said.

“I was completely taken aback. When I came to close his eyes, I noticed that he had an incredible heart.


“It was impossible for me to conceal my tears from streaming down my face.“

“Oh my god goodness, he is a darling baby,” said the nurse.


“Then three more people arrived and took selfies.”

“His mother began to cry when she saw him and his birthmark.

“It was almost as though God had given it to me.” We didn’t have any unpleasant sensations.

“We feel he was born with the ability to succeed.”

Cinar, who is the first in his family to acquire the cute mark, claims they have a lot of fans.

“Everyone smiles and loves him when we walk around,” he added.

“Because of his heart-shaped birthmark, all of our acquaintances are intrigued about it.”

“They think he’s a love child.”

“When we go to the hospital for customs check, the nurses and doctors recognize him and refer to him as the “Heartened kid.” He already has a large following.”


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