Homeless Man Gives Up Coat For Freezing Woman—5 Days Later His Life Is Changed


People have a tendency to criticize people based on their appearance or attire. When a couple met a homeless man who selflessly donated them his coat in the freezing weather, they realized they had to tell the world about it, as well as not to condemn homeless people too harshly.

In January 2017, Charlotte Ellis and Taylor Walden were left in the chilly temperatures at London’s Convent Garden Tube station after missing their last train. They heard a voice from behind them. Joey, a homeless man, was the culprit.


He handed them his coat, which Ellis accepted right away, earning Walden a strange glance.

After that, the pair sat down with Joey and began speaking. Ellis stated on her Facebook page, “There was simply something about him that was so honest.” They needed to take him back to their house, she determined.

“In these conditions, no one deserves to be out.” I’m not suggesting that you trust everyone you encounter on the street, but who should you trust?” she penned.


She could also see how “people were quick to judge” and that some people could disagree with her behavior.

However, according to Ellis, not all homeless individuals are “drug or alcohol addicts” or “evil people.”


Joey originally refused their offer, but after Walden warned him, “If you don’t come with me, I’m not going to get her home,” he ultimately accepted.


When they got home, they drank and told each other about their lives, and “instantly became the best of friends.”


“It was just meant to be, it’s something I can’t describe.” She wrote, “I don’t expect everyone to get it.”

Joey handed Walden his coat as a token of his gratitude. “This gift had such a profound significance behind it in my eyes,” Ellis wrote, “more than any gift you could ever receive.”

When morning came, Ellis was unsure how to tell her mother that she’d taken a homeless man home, but thankfully, her mother understood after meeting Joey.

“At first, all of my friends and relatives thought we were insane and assumed the worst,” she told Mirror Online. “When we introduced them to Joey, they all fell in love with him right away since he is such a real man.”

Ellis also discussed how they’ve been assisting Joey. “We’ve taken him out for Indian [food], we’ve had his hair trimmed, we’ve given him a phone, my friends have given him a new outfit, they’ve gone footballing, they’ve watched Django, the lads have played PlayStation, he’s helped my mother feed the horses, and he’s had a roast meal!”

Joey got a job interview and was hired five days later.

“Sometimes all someone needs is someone to give them a little bit of their time,” Ellis closed her Facebook post with a strong message for everyone. Someone who can help them regain their confidence in humanity. I’m sharing this tale for one purpose only: please take a few moments to ask them how their day is going, and let them know that there are people out there who care. Give them a few minutes of your time. It is completely free.”


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